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Cats Hostel in Porto – Review of a Design-Driven Hostel

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  • Location advantage and Neighborhood

    The location of the hostel is very convenient as you will sleep near the city center of Porto. Located in a UNESCO World Heritage Area, the Tattva Design Hostel is just a 5 minutes walk away from the main train station in Porto and the metro station. The famous Dom Luís I Bridge and the Porto Cathedral are right around the corner. From the cathedral and the bridge you have a great view all over the beautiful city of Porto, so pack your camera. In case you fancy some party out, or simply want to go out for a drink, you can walk just about 10 minutes to the main area of bars and clubs, and mingling with the locals.

    How to get there:

    It is very easy and convenient to get to this Design Hostel whether you are arriving at the Airport of Porto, or with the train. When arriving at the Airport of Porto, just take the Metro in direction to Estadio Dragao until the metro station Trinidad. Here you need to change to the yellow metro line in direction to Santo Ovídio. Get out at the metro station „São Bento“. Leaving the metro station, you will face the main train station of Porto. Walk-pass the main train station to the right until you reach a small square. Just turn left and on the right hand-side you will see the hostel

    Full Address: 📍 CATS Porto Hoste, R. do Cativo 26-28, 4000-160 Porto, Portugal
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Important Update: Tattva Hostel is now Cats Porto Hostel. This review reflects Tattva Hostel before it was taken over by Cats Porto Hostel.

The Cats Hostel is a great and smart Design Hostel. It is located near Porto’s city center, a short walk away from the famous Dom Luís I Bridge.

Update: Looking for the best hostel in Porto? Then hop over to The Passenger Hostel. It is the most stunning Design Hostel you will ever have seen!

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Here we compare all Porto hostels and which type of traveler stay where.

The 3 coolest hostels in Porto are:

  1. The Passenger Hostel – great for female solo travellers + couples + families
    2. Bluesock Hostels Porto – top pick for groups + digital nomads
    3. Porto Wine Hostel – coolest hostel in Porto for backpackers

A great amount of motivation, passion and heart went into creating CATS Porto Hoste out of a the 4 floors historic building. Tattva’s (as we call it for short) design and decoration, the numerous facilities and services are all made with attention to detail so that you as a traveler can get the most out of your journeys.

Tattva Design Hostel is a family-managed hostel, located in an old warehouse building right in the heart of Porto. When the owners decided to start a hostel, two of those for Porto typically narrow buildings became one.

Please note, the only 5 Star Hostel in Porto is The Passenger Hostel in Porto.

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CATS Porto Hoste in a review …

Let’s get a coffee at the hostel bar, put on your slippers and walk around.

Who stays here?

This hostel is very popular for Asian travelers, especially Korean travelers. You will find here big groups of Korean travelers, mixed with a few American and British travelers.

A lot of backpackers who like to stay in style come here. The pub crawl is also a popular activity for the crowd.

For couples and female solo travelers we recommend The Passenger Hostel.

1. Eco-Friendly, Sustainable, and Vegetarian-Friendly

As we mentioned, the hostel is all about the details.

Even when it comes to the staff, Eco-friendly installations, and charity, the team tries to make the most of it and take the extra effort.

Hostel with Heart: Tattva Design Hostel and the Sustainable Installations

The leftovers from the hostel‘s own restaurant are donated to the city’s homeless population, and the hostel joined a community project to bring local people and businesses together, to develop the neighborhood.

In order to get the locals engaged with the hostel and their travelers, the restaurant is also open to every local.

You do not have to stay here to enjoy the 3 daily menus:

  • 1vegetarian
  • 1 fish
  • 1 meat option

This hostel in Porto is managed by locals and a local team.

Why is this important?

Check out our full guide to hostels with us at Hostelgeeks.

It is simple logic that they put extra effort into Eco-friendly installations.

The place comes from the heart, and as the owners are Hindu and vegetarian, you will never find any beef, or veal in the hostel.

However, the guests are free to buy and cook any meal they want in the big, well-equipped guest kitchen.

The restaurant features a different menu every day offering 1 vegetarian meal, 1 meal with fish, and 1 with meat (no beef though).

This way all kinds of travelers can get a delicious, homemade food at the restaurant for a great price.

And hey, if you are vegan, please get in contact with the team.

They will be happy to find a vegan alternative for you!

Especially since the opening of its own restaurant and bar, recycling has played a very important role. An external company picks up the trash to recycle, and throughout the hostel every single person in the hostel can easily participate and help with the recycling.

Private Room at Tattva Design Hostel in Porto

In a sunny destination like Porto, you might think solar panels are standard, but unfortunately, they are not.

Therefore, it is even more impressive to see they are going the extra mile.

Whenever you take a shower at Tattva, the water’s heat derives from the sun.

The solar panels generate enough electricity to heat all the water throughout the hostel while the rest of solar energy is used for the lighting system and more.

Last but not least the hostel only uses LED lighting systems.

2. Clean and Simple Design – 5 Elements Design

Let’s talk about the design, obviously a very important part of Tattva Design Hostel.

The word Tattva is sanskrit meaning the 5 elements.

The goal of Tattva Hostel was to create a comfortable communal feeling within a clean and simply designed hostel including the 5 elements:

  • earth
  • fire
  • water
  • air
  • sky

And the results speak for themselves. It is now home to many travelers from around the world visiting Porto.

Although you might think, the 5 elements theme might seek attention, the Tattva Design Hostel in cooperation with the design company Mundano managed to keep the hostels interior design clean.

Each floor of the building features one element: the 1st floor shows the earth and is all in green while the 2nd floor symbolizes the Air in orange.

The third floor is home to the red fire, and the last floor including the book exchange lounge is water in blue.

You can experience the fifth element live and in person on the terrace: The sky!

When you will walk into your dorm, you’ll notice that beside the well-designed bunk beds and its own huge lockers underneath them, one curtain of one bunk bed is different.

Why is that?

In every room, one curtain is originally from Goa, India.

And the color always depends on the featured element of the floor.

If you need help for your packing, then check out the 23 times for the hostel packing list.

We at Hostelgeeks dedicated a full article to the different hostel room types.

This way you know which hostel room types you can actually choose from when staying at a Hostel.

We wanted something that connects all of us. You cannot live without earth, water, sky, fire, or air.

Hostel Book Exchange in Style at Tattva Design Hostel

3. Details matter

The uniqueness is its mixture and combination of the clean and thoughtful design, the detailed facilities, the staff’s passion, and the big terrace.

Every traveler has his or her own big locker right underneath the bed, locked with its own key card, and every room has en-suite facilities with separate bathrooms, showers, and even sinks.

This makes it easy for everybody to get ready in the morning to discover Porto rather than waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

The very last, conscious and unique detail is the handicapped accessibility.

Every floor, the kitchen, the restaurant, and even the terrace is accessible for handicapped individuals.

And they put a lot of effort and money into this.

This installation shows once again how thoughtful and passionate the hostel is, looking to include every traveler possible.

We like this!

Easy-going swing! The terrace at Tattva Design Hostel in Oporto

4. VERY Social and homely vibe

Every day you can find different events organized in and outside the hostel.

At 19:00 every day of the week you can join free Portuguese lessons, and right afterwards you can join the dinner with the staff (we joined and recommend it).

There are BBQ nights organized 2 or 3 times per week depending on the weather, and if you want to try Francesinha, the famous local dish, you can get one every Sunday.

While Francesinha is typically a meat dish, the hostel also offers a vegetarian option.

Outside the hostel you can join a free daily walking tour (10h/11h30/15h/16h30) and a pub crawl to get a drink at different local bars.

Last but not least you can also book extra tours at the hostel such as a Wine tour, Canyoning, hiking, a day trip to Geres, Douro Valley Tours, and more!

For more inspiration, check out these 28 things to do in Porto – by a blogger.

As said, you will find here especially big groups of Korean travelers.

Hostel in Oporto: Social Dinner with travelers!

5. Staff: Passion and a good heart

It was very interesting to see how important the staff is to the management and the owner.

Every single staff member is Portuguese and knows Porto and its surroundings.

To promote and support newcomers finishing university, the hostel formed a partnership with several Universities and Tourism Schools.

The students and employees usually get long-term projects to promote employing people in Porto – an important key for local economy!

Tattva Design Hostel Team is always there for you!

However, the staff will go the extra mile for you.

A staff member will bring you to your room to show you your bed, and your own locker (free lockers by the way!), and they will show you the entire hostel:

  • the aquarium lounge
  • the big kitchen
  • the chill-out lounge
  • the restaurant
  • huge terrace

Whatever you want to know about Porto, and whatever you need: just ask one of the staff members at Tattva Design Hostel.

Last but not least, the hostels offers Dinner with the staff every day.

It costs only €10, and includes a delicious, typical Portuguese dinner with the staff and other travelers.

We did it by ourselves and loved the easy-going social ambient – highly recommended.

FUN Things to do in Porto

Porto is an amazing destination. Come over and enjoy one of the smaller gems in Europe. There is a lot to do.

Read: the 11 FUN Things to do in Porto

Our favorite things to do in Porto are:

1. Climb the Bridge

This is maybe the best of the FUN things to do in Porto.

Climb the bridge in Porto! Get unique views of Porto on a 30-minute guided tour of the Arrábida Bridge.

Find the booking links and schedule on our guide to hidden gems in Porto.

My best tip: Come here before sunset!

2. Best Day Cruise

This is a MUST-DO: A boat trip through the river of the North. So many people do it and it is certainly worth it.

3. Capela do Senhor da Pedra

We have been looking for a special beach around Oporto, and the result was simply amazing: Capela do Senhor da Pedra.

This tiny chapel is located almost in the Atlantic ocean, resisting the Atlantic waves.

Beautiful beach and a Chapel: Capela do Senhor da Pedra

4. Wine Tastings and Cruise to the Douro Valley

You cannot leave Porto without having tried their wine. Take a cruise to the Douro Valley and turn into a wine geek.

5. Free Walking tours

Everybody loves free walking tours. And there are many to choose from. Just remember, free walking tours are tip based. Leave a tip of what you think the tour was worth it.

Backpacker usually give around 2€ and 10€ – depending on your own!

In a nutshell

This design and poshtel in Porto is a great option for budget traveler. It has a certain style, a cool terrace, and nice vibes. It is great for groups and backpacker.

For couples and female solo travelers we recommend more The Passenger Hostel.

You can read our full review of The Passenger Hostel here.

Read our complete guide to the best hostels in Porto, Portugal.

More information about Porto:

The Passenger Hostel - the BEST hostel in Porto

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