Tam Coc Bungalow - Riverbanks Hostel in the "Ha Long Bay on rice paddies"

Tam Coc Bungalow – Riverbanks Hostel in the “Ha Long Bay on rice paddies”

Tam Coc, a little paradise only a 2-hours ride South of busy Hanoi. It is the perfect spot to get out of the city, and enjoy some time in the nature. With its natural surroundings of lime stones, and rice fields, Tam Coc is called the Ha Long Bay of rice paddies, inland Ha Long Bay or even The dry version of Ha Long Bay. Since 2016, the village has its own little quality hostel, inviting you to spend some quality time. Away from the tourist path, and located directly at the riverbanks, Tam Coc Bungalow is a remarkable place. We have visited the Bungalow and found tranquil, social vibes, Vietnamese charm, and delicious banana pancakes with breathtaking morning views.

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  • What about the Location?

    It's inside Tam Coc, but seriously hidden. It helps to have a motor bike to come here. There are signs to get here, starting right from the main square. Walking here takes you around 15 minutes, by motor bike it is only 5 minutes.

    The location is fantastic as you it's only you and all guests, tucked away from the busy tourist street. You can sit right at the water, watching the boats passing by.

    Full Address: 📍 Tam Coc Bungalow, Ninh Hải, Hoa Lư District, Ninh Bình Province, Vietnam
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Before we jump in and discover Tam Coc Bungalow, here’s a bit about us.

We are Hostelgeeks, your independent gateway to the best hostels in the world and Vietnam, the 5 Star Hostels.

Vietnam is a fascinating country, becoming more and more popular for budget travelers in style. This is why hostel-type accommodation is on the rise here.

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Tam Coc Reception and travelers enjoying their time

Tam Coc is located only a few km away from Ninh Binh, the bigger city next door.

We highly recommend staying in Tam Coc for your time here as it gives you instant access the beautiful surroundings.

After all, Tam Coc is the little brother of Ha Long Bay, no doubt it.

And yet, it is unique.

Numerous of Pagodas are there to visit, and the river is clearly the busiest street in the area.

Tam Coc Bungalow in a review

The hostel is build with local materials, using bamboo and concrete as materials.

As far as sustainability goes, the Bungalow supports local tour providers, and encourages travelers to explore the area by renting a bike and skipping the motorbike.

This is the best way to get around. You can cycle to the inspiring Thai Vi Temple Đền Thái Vi and to Mua Caves, and get around the valley.

In front of the bungalows with the sea view, you find bamboo hammocks.

A perfect spot to have a smoothie and watch the stunning nature surrounding the hostel.

bamboo hammocks in front of the bungalows

Motor bikes parking for free

Yet of course, the accommodation is locally managed and even designed by the owner Tuan. Talking about the design…

Design? Bungalow-Hostel Hybrid

Bungalows seem to the best latest trend in Vietnam. We are big fans! We came across the Bungalow style the first on our visit to Cat Ba (here is our Cat Ba and Ha Long Bay photo story).

Bungalow-style accommodation

The bungalows allow guests to have their own little apartments in a Vietnamese-Style. This is how we felt like.

The Tam Coc Bungalow offers 3 types. The Family rooms on the right hand of the entrance, and the double and twin rooms with garden view or even lake view. The dorms with shared facilities can be found right-hand behind the reception, passing the terrace. The decoration is really detailed, including a natural environment and materials.

Here is an overview of all the different room types at hostels.

Double Room at Tam Coc Bungalow

Vietnam Map in Tam Coc Bungalow

Bungalow #1 sign

Views & Location

For us, it is the views and location letting this hostel stand out from the rest of accommodations in the area!

Tucked away from the tourists flooding the entrance of the city (this is where all the boat tours start), Tam Coc Bungalow is located away from the regular tourist path.

It is best to reach via motorbike, bicycle, and even walking is possible as it takes you around the small village for 10-15 min.

Vintage bike parked at Tam Coc Bungalow

It is a perfect base to explore the area, and to unwind after a long, tiring day. For some inspiration, here is a list with awesome photos on things to do in Tam Coc.

Have a look at the photo below. This is indeed the location. And yet, it’s even more pretty in real-life.

For whom is this hostel?

We recommend this hostel for

  • couples
  • solo-travelers and
  • elderly travelers

looking for a tranquil, yet social experience in a quiet area.

As it is tucked away from the tourist spot of Tam Coc, it’s perfect for everyone preferring a quiet night.

It is not really recommended to the young backpacker looking for a super-cheap place to stay and mingle with fellow young budget travelers.

Tam Coc Bungalow - riverbanks hostel in the "Halong Bay on rice paddies"

Location of Tam Bungalow

Chill-Out with fellow explorers

After a long day exploring Ngo Dong River, Mua Caves, and Bai Dinh Pagoda (the biggest Pagoda in Vietnam), it is time to kick back and have a drink on the terrace.

Sounds good, right?

This is exactly what you can do here.

As you are away from the tourist path, it is a great place to order some food and a drink, and to chill on the terrace.

The bar offers different beverages from local to international beer and wine. You can even spoil yourself with delicious fruity cocktails.

Billiard Pool at Tam Coc Hostel

travelers enjoying Tam Coc Bunaglow

travelers enjoying Tam Coc Bunaglow

The pool table in the middle of the common area is a popular to spend some time.

With a lovely detail to mention.

The white billiard ball is not to find, therefore you’ve to take the #1 yellow billiard ball as the main one.

The big screen on the terrace is used for special occasions and big groups to watch movies.

Can you imagine sitting here at night, the river on your left and your cold drink in the hand watching Game of Thrones?

As for events, there is the daily family dinner to join. Highly recommended!

On that note, here is a list of 46 things that make a great hostel.

As events? The Family Dinner at Tam Coc Bungalow

Lovely and local experts

Last but not least, the working people here.

Every worker here is a local with expertise knowledge on the area.

When we visited, the hostel was open for only 3 months, and you can already how they are adapting and improving their services due to the needs and requests of the guests.

The staff speaks English, although not perfectly, it is easy to get your info on what to do in the area and things you require.

Breakfast at Tam Coc Bungalow, a yummy pancake with bananas and pineapple

The team is happy to help you out with booking your bus to your next stop like Hué, Phong Na in the south or Hanoi and Ha Long Bay in the North.

The breakfast is included, and you can choose from different fruit smoothies and delicious, fluffy pancakes with bananas and even pineapples.

We recommend getting the pineapple option – very fruity!

Things to do in Vietnam

We traveled Vietnam for 3 full months. We have been off the beaten path as well as to all the places to visit in Vietnam.

Here you can find our Ha Long Photo Story. Here you find 99 photos from Vietnam.

Bonus: 27 Things to do in Vietnam.

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