Funny Travel Stories

Once when I was traveling through…We are collecting greatest Funny Travel Stories from the road. Travelers sent us their funniest travel stories when backpacking the world, one laughter at a time!

A good travel story usually includes a big laughter, and that means something has gone terribly wrong and ended up a better way it was supposed to. Or didn’t it?

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Books on Travel Stories

We had a look: there are many beautiful books out there highlighting wonderful travel stories and tails.

Many experienced backpackers claim it is important that you can laugh about and with yourself. And we agree.

Travel plans are not supposed to be working out in every single way.

It adds the flexible part to the travel experience. In fact, it is one of the main experiences when traveling. And when something goes wrong, and a funny travel stories is the result, you will always have a great story to tell.

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We love funny travel stories! This is why we created this collection of funny travel stories, sent to us by travelers and bloggers all around the world. From wild animals, priests, funny coffee, sand-boarding and more!

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