Best Hostels in Mexico

This is the only page you need to discover the best hostels in Mexico, seriously!

Our collection includes all of the top Mexican destinations, plus 5 star hostels that will blow your mind, or at the very least, blow your socks off.

Let’s kick start by offering you an overview of the best hostels in Mexico City (the capital):

  1. Casa Pepe – for solo travellers
  2. Mexiqui Zocalo – ideal for backpackers
  3. Gael Condesa – perfect for peace seekers

What about 5 star hostels? In Mexico City there is Casa Pepe, whilst over in Cozumel you can find Beds Friends Hostel.

Other destinations worth visiting include:

Below you can find all of the detailed guides for each destination. They include more hostels, a handy map and insider tips you have to know…