Backpacking Colombia

Perhaps after a stint exploring huge Brazil, you fancy backpacking Colombia on route to Mexico and beyond.

Once you’re in South America there is so much to explore, and Colombia is seriously up there when it comes to incredible hostels you’ll want to experience.

Feel free to skip straight to the epic guide to 43 best hostels in Colombia.

This guide is a must-read!

In this guide we packed our own adventures we had in Colombia. We traveled to the most Northern part of Colombia, La Guajira.

We also took the 4 day hiking trail to the Lost City; an absolute amazing adventure we would not want to miss anymore. In our guide we also share the absolute basic but necessary to know safety tips. Yes, Colombia is mainly safe, but there is safety rules to follow.

The Lost City in Colombia - a real adventure is waiting for you
The Lost City in Colombia – a real adventure is waiting for you

One of our tips is to get the camera ready at all times and prepare to meet other great travellers. Solo travellers, we’re talking to you! Yet, please make sure you read our safety tips for Colombia in our guide above.

Make the most of South America and explore more of the continent’s countries:

Anna in La Guajira, North Colombia

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