The Best Hostels in Spain

Hola and welcome to the best Hostels in Spain. This list will help you backpacking Spain like a boss. We found many fantastic hostels from Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante, Pontevedra, Málaga, Seville, and Cádiz.

Are these the best Hostels in Spain?

Claro que sí!

The quality of hostels in Spain varies a lot. You can find really worn-out, old hostels up to absolutely incredible places like Casa Rodamón in Barcelona. It is simply a top designed hostel!

In this list we give you a wide range of hostels; from 5 Star Hostels to Backpacker and (of course) Party Hostels. All are great! Just choose the right hostel for your own travel style.

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Hostel Guide

We know so many hostels in Europe, we actually stayed in so so many hostels across the world. We are traveling non-stop since 2007, discovering coolest places around. Therefore, we decided to put together this list of great Spanish Hostels.

And not just that.

We also created a big guide to Hostels in Europe.

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List of the Best hostels in Spain

Enough of that. Let’s jump right into the cool hostels.

Best hostels in Cordoba

Cordoba, the cute city between Seville and Granada, has not only the best free tapas in Spain, but also a couple of stunning hostels.

The best hostels in Córdoba are:

Bed and Be, one of the best hostels in Córdoba
Bed and Be

Charming boutique hostel with a gorgeous, spacious roof top terrace. Try some sushi made by the most famous sushi-chef in town, and dance on the roof top terrace to the guitar sounds of local bands.

What about the location? Bed and Be is really downtown! Just 10 min to the train station, the river and La Mesquita.

We totally recommend this hostel for solo-travelers backpacking Spain.

It is the perfect location to explore the city. We recommend to rent a bike.

  • Dorm beds start from 15€/ night
  • Private rooms start from 19€/ night

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Best hostel in Cordoba Option B

OptionBe, Cordoba

OptionBe Hostel is the little brother of BedandBe, welcoming you to a lovely house in the historic centre of Córdoba.

We especially enjoy the daily activities like walk- ing tours and bike tours, and the breakfast, avail- able all day long. OptionBe has a very cool patio and TV room, and their amazing roof top terrace comes with a great surprise.

It is located in a quiet street in the historic centre. All the main attractions are very close, as Córdoba is small and very walkable. We recommend visiting the Cathedral-Mosque, it is one-of-a-kind!

This place is a great hostel for solo-female travelers and couples.

  • Dorm beds start from 16€/ night
  • Private rooms start from 25€/ night

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Best hostels in Málaga

Málaga is full of hostels and we have to admit, there is more than one stunning hostel in the lively, fun city!

That is why, we include here 3 best hostels in Malaga depending on the type of traveler.

Hostel in Málaga Lights Hostel

Lights Hostel, Malaga

Located in an historical building, offering a clean- lined design. Lights hostel has bright rooms furnished with large comfy beds, private curtains and reading lights. Join free sangria nights, home-made dinners
and lots of other fun activities upon the roof top terrace.

It is located in the sunny city center of Malaga, next to the main mar- ket, just a 15 min walk to the beach, bus and train stations.

This hostel is a top choice for solo-travelers.

  • Dorm beds start from 12€/ night
  • Private rooms start from 25€/ night

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Alcazaba Premium one of the best hostels in Málaga

Alcazaba Premium Hostel, Malaga

A young and modern accommodation in the centre of Málaga, at premium level. Alcazaba Premium Hostel combines high-end standard with quality rooms, design, and facilities, all on a budget.

The hostel is home to the well-known Baltik restaurant and the “Terraza de la Alcazaba“ rooftop terrace, with amazing views. Both are very popular with locals.

Located in the very heart of Málaga, within walking dis- tance of every point of interest in the city.

Nearby you can nd the famous Picasso Museum (really recommended!), Roman Theater, the entrance to the Alcazaba and the brand new Málaga Museum.

And of course, there are many recommended tapas places around.

We recommend Alcazaba Premium Hostel for couples and families.

  • Dorm beds start from 15€/ night
  • Private rooms start from 37,50€/ night

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Best hostel Pontevedra - Slow City hostel

Best Hostels in Pontevedra: Slow City Hostel

Located in an attractive 100 year old family house with a restored interior design in the 20 ́s original spirit. Slow City hostel is bright and spacious, equipped with light design furniture and nice decór.

There is bike storage available, so greatly recom- mended for biker and pilgrims alike.

Where do you find Slow City Hostel? Downtown, right at the historical Portuguese way to Saint James tomb in Santiago de Compostela.

  • Dorm beds start from 17,50€/ night
  • Private rooms start from 20€/ night

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Best hostels in Sevilla

In this fun, colorful spanish city, home to the traditional dance “Sevillanas” and heart of one of the most popular partys in Spain “El Rocio”, we found 3 stunning hostels.

Did you know we do have a secret city Guide for Sevilla?

It is full with the best recommendations, as one of Anna’s best friends lived there for 20 years.

Download the Sevila city guide for free here.

Best hostel in Seville for solo-travelers, La Banda

La Banda Rooftop Hostel

Designed for social travelers. La Banda design is influuenced by trendy London bars and boutique music festivals.

The hostel reception is packed with original touches and homemade furniture that make it hard to get out and see the city!

The hostel tried to design the hostel in a way that brings people together. To top it o you can expect a soundtrack of great tunes playing day and night, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the vibes - on the roof top terrace of course.

La Banda Rooftop is right in the heart of the city. Seville’s city center is quite small, and you can walk around easily or get a bike. Here you are in good hands and get a top location.

  • Dorm beds start from 19€/ night
  • Private rooms not available

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TOC Sevilla, one of the best hostels in Seville

TOC Sevilla

TOC Seville is a small, boutique-style hostel. It
is well-known for its beautiful interior as well as exterior, and it’s the perfect accommodation for the romantic couple on a budget.

Come here, enjoy the city during the day, and slow down at TOC Sevilla. It is certainly a cosy, chill hostel with a deep design touch.

Located in the city center, near the main touristic attractions including the cathedral, and Real Alcazar de Seville.
TOC Seville is really DOWNTOWN! You will love the location as you are in walking distance to the major spots of Sevilla.

Make sure you book early, cause the hostel fills up quickly.

  • Dorm beds start from 22€/ night
  • Private rooms start from 33,50€/ night

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The Nomad hostel, one of the best hostels in Seville

The Nomad Hostel

The Nomad Hostel in Seville is truly a great hostel, recommended for solo-travelers, couples and families alike.

Opened in August 2014, the Nomad Hostel cap-tured the hearts of travelers and backpackers right away. The accommodation o ers a warm social environment to slow down, have a rest, and connect with other travelers. If you’d like, you can get some drinks at the hostel bar, and join the hostel events or the free tour around the Andalusian capital.

And speaking of being social, the hostel also organizes different events at their roof top terrace. This charming and homely place is a great choice to actively support the “Slow Travel Movement”, and their staff love to pay attention to creating an eco-friendly environment.

What about the location? The Nomad is in a quiet street in new town, just 5 min from the river and cathedral. We loved the restaurant on the right corner of The Nomad, it is super delicious, highly recommended for lunch!

Also, ask the staff if they have a discount for them. Once in a while guests receive a discount or free drink. Thanks, Nomads!

  • Dorm beds start from 16€/ night
  • Private rooms start from 36€/ night

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Best hostel in Cádiz, Casa Caracol

Casa Caracol, Cadiz

Heart, soul and history. It is a one off creation that draws you in and makes you feel special, at home. Casa Caracol hostel has evolved from the crazy party days of its beginnings down a once forgotten back street in the centre of the maize of the old town.

The laid back vibe is still there and the years have served only to make the place more beautiful.

The events are highly recommended: Roof top BBQs, nightly meals, activities and day trips to remote beaches provide a unique way of getting to know your fellow travelers and the fantastic staff.

Located in a quiet side street in the bustling centre of new bars and restaurants and a 5 minute walk from the bus, train and maritime stations. It is a short walk to the surf beach - ready?

  • Dorm beds start from 13,50€/ night
  • Private rooms start from 15€/ night

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Best hostel in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria ( Canarias)

Best hostels in Canarias: Avocado Surf Hostel

Avocado Hostel

Located on the coastal line of Gran Canaria (Canary Islands) you will find this cute hostel with a cool name: Avocado Hostel.

The rooms are well-equipped and your bed comes with a curtain to offer you more privacy.

It has a full equipped kitchen and many other facilities. Even a place to store your board or hang a wetsuit to dry!

Indulge in the blue sky and the nearby ocean - on the top floor terrace! It might be the most pleasant space in the hostel.

The owner (and suf lover) Alejandro will make you feel at home.

Do you have any question or doubt about the island?

Approach him and get your answer. He knows the island very well!

  • Dorm beds start from 16€/ night
  • Private rooms start from 35€/ night

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HiTide surf hostl on Canary Islands

Hi Tide

Great surfer hostel! Enjoy the city and sea views from the terrace, join sport activities or just enjoy the beautiful urban beach next door.  HiTide Hostel has bright and open spaces that will make you feel at home.

What about the location? With the first step outside the hostel, you are already at the beach! Surrounded by bars, restaurants, clubs and surf schools.

  • Dorm beds start from 16€/ night
  • Private rooms start from 35€/ night

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