Superbude St. Georg is a hip hostel located in a quieter part of Hamburg, which is still close to the city centre.

With several amazing common areas, this is the perfect place for families or larger groups. A roof terrace, a cinema, and a little gym including a ping-pong table, Nintendo Wii, and a Foosball table– you will have everything you need for a great stay!

They even have a massive communal kitchen where you can all prepare your dinner together.

Superbude St. Georg in review

The hostel’s design shows creativity with adorable details and mostly industrial elements like scaffolding and ropes.

Their highlight is  the private room for you and 5 more friends: the “Palomabude”!

This „Palomabude“ is a funky room for six with pink walls, yellow furniture and a fridge filled with cans of Paloma.

Like her sister-hostel Superbude Sankt Pauli, the Superbude Sankt Georg is super Eco-friendly but in the coolest way possible, you probably won’t even notice!

Let’s have a close look on what makes Superbude Sankt Georg so special.

1. Super Sustainable – they are so green!

The Superbude Hostel Sankt Georg is doing a great job in staying sustainable!

Not only did they change their entire heating system to save 30% in energy, they also did the same thing with their lights by changing to LEDs, and almost stopped printing stuff all together (and if they have to, they obviously use recycled paper).

Geek Fact: Of course they only use electricity from renewable energy sources.

Both hostels even have anti-allergenic mattresses and special eco cleaning supplies. They also put lots of work in training their staff in these matters and there is a person in charge for topics like environmental protection and energy consulting to make sure they can keep their environmental standard.

You should also see their amazing breakfast buffet!

Mostly regional products, fair trade tea, coffee from an Eco roastery next door and all this without unnecessary packing material.

2. Design Hostel with upcycled materials and cute details

We aren’t the only ones who loved Superbude’s design, since they keep constantly winning awards for it!

Located in an old printing house, Superbude rocks an industrial but still cozy style. Many furniture elements in the common areas are made from upcycled materials and you will probably still find cute details after staying there for several days.

Our favourite ones are the mouse traps used as pin boards and the sofa covers made of old pairs of jeans.

Each floor has one assigned colour, which is used for everything.

Floor, walls, curtains, tiles, all in different shades of brown, pink, red, blue and green. With this simple idea, the different elements in the rooms all look great together and if you’re lucky you can even choose a room in your favourite colour!

Superbude Sankt Pauli

Photo shows Superbuder Sankt Pauli

3. Unique Hostel in Hamburg: perfect for your friends and your family

At Superbude St. Georg, kids until the age of 12 accompanied by their parents can stay for free including a free breakfast. They even have a cinema where you can watch your favourite movies with your friends or family (yes, you can also watch sport there!).

Although they are super family-friendly, Superbude is still a very stylish place to spend time with your grown-up friends!

It’s a great starting point to discover the city (rent a long board for that!) or simply relax on the roof terrace with a beer from the bar, in case you never want to leave again (very likely!).

4. Social in several senses: The vibes!

Just like their friends at Superbude St. Pauli, these guys are constantly socially engaged.

Not only do they support ecological movements like planting flowers in the city, they also work with young artists, giving them a stage to perform and a local theatre by offering parts of their scripts to read with milk and cookies you can get at the reception desk.

Together with Superbude St.Pauli they take part in “Movember”, growing Moustaches and collecting money against cancer. With their fun but conscious social engagement, these guys are doing a great job!

5. Outstanding Staff at Superbude

They are doing everything for a great atmosphere at Superbude!

You will find someone at the reception desk 24/7 and they will often invite you to watch a football game or have a drink together.

Superbude supports their staff’s creativity, everyone is invited to share their ideas.

There are no uniforms because the people working there are happy to be individual. This vibe is something you will feel right away!