This young hostel gives travelers the space and freedom to experience Moscow one step at a time.

Sputnik Hostel & Personal Space is managed by young Russian creatives.

They aimed to open a wide-space hostel with tailor-made design, combining the benefits of a hostel-typed accommodation with the style of co-working space.

Update: Sputnik Hostel closed, it is no longer open to guests.

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The hostel lounge at Sputnik Hostel and Personal Space in Moscow!

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Sputnik Hostel & Personal Space in review

Walk with us through this Boutique Hostel in Moscow.

We will introduce you to the local staff, the atmosphere and design.

Ready? Well, let’s get a coffee first in the hostel kitchen, then we are ready to start:

1. Local, local, local!

The sputnik hostel & personal space is a locally managed hostel in the heart of Moscow.

When opening its doors in 2015, the managers decided to get their friends involved.

And friends of friends!

You can tell that the team is like a small family with your first step through the door.

At Sputnik Hostel & Personal Space they organize a great deal for their guests’ breakfast.

A small café next door offers a 20% discount on their delicious breakfast to Sputnik travelers.

They can even deliver the breakfast to the hostel so you can sit down in the stylish common area and enjoy the local breakfast right in the hostel without having to go anywhere.

Local, local, local! Sputnik hostel Moscow is all about local support

2. Tailor-Made Design!

The Sputnik Hostel & Personal Space is all about design and local support.

When building the Sputnik Hostel, the owners had their vision and design set up in their mind.

All they needed was technical help to visualize the design.

Some local designers came over to design the tailor-made bunk beds the owners had been dreaming of.

Have a look at the bunk beds – they have been designed with keeping privacy in mind and there is even a double bunk bed!

This means couples can easily stay in a dorm and sleep in the same bed (not something you come across often in a hostel!)

We are very glad to share that some of our 5 Star Hostels have also incorporated the double bunk bed in dorms.

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Sputnik Hostel and Personal Space in Moscow

Fun Fact: We at Hostelgeeks receive many comments from couples about booking two beds in a dorm and ending up sleeping in the same, small bed.

The back may hurt after a night fighting for every centimeter, but it looks like many couples prefer this over paying more for a private room.

Well, here at Sputnik Hostel & Personal Space in Moscow we found a solution for you!

This two-store Design Hostel reminds us of a Co-Working space.

And not just for the name.

So much free space to breath, the stylish wooden furniture and the brick wall – the Sputnik Hostel & Personal Space really impresses with their design and invite to slow down and relax.

Furthermore, you will get a key card for entering your room and opening your personal locker.

Great Design Sputnik Hostel Moscow

3. Unique: The Personal Space

Sputnik Hostel & Personal Space is remarkable.

And not just from the design perspective!

When talking to the owners, we were wondering about the name they have chosen for the hostel: Personal Space.

„We want to give the traveler the freedom and space to explore Moscow without any hassle!“

– Kristina, owner of Sputnik Hostel & Personal Space

The Sputnik Hostel & Personal Space is designed to let the traveler have their space.

They have chosen an open-space concept over filling up rooms with too many beds or furniture.

Kristina is a keen traveler herself, staying in many accommodations in different countries during all the years she has been traveling.

Hostels are usually not your „Home away from home“, she says, but a cosy type of accommodation.

When building the Sputnik Hostel, they chose to call it „Personal Space“ to emphasize their vision and concept.

When staying at Sputnik Hostel & Personal Space, you will get your own slippers to walk around the hostel.

This is a cultural habit, common in Moscow and throughout Russia.

It is such a small detail, but it makes a difference which we appreciate.

4. Small and Easy – Social Vibes

The Sputnik Hostel & Personal Space is a smallish hostel with only 6 rooms.

This makes this hostel an intimate place where it is easy to connect to your fellow travelers.

You can cook together in the fully furnished kitchen and eat together at the big, wooden kitchen table.

Also, you can enjoy your breakfast together at the nearby cafe.

The big lounge is usually the main spot for travelers to get together.

In the whole hostel you won’t find any TV.

There is free WiFi though throughout the hostel building.

Sputnik Hostel & Personal Space is quite new, and they have many more social activities up their sleeves.

Kitchen at Sputnik Hostel Moscow

Sputnik Hostel & Personal Space is a very stylish and unique accommodation, appealing to a modern generation of travelers.

It comes with a certain lifestyle much the same as Wallyard Concept Hostel in Berlin.

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Travelers looking for a unique hostel in Moscow, will love the Sputnik Hostel & Personal Space the moment they walk in.

5. Local passionate Staff

The staff at Sputnik Hostel & Personal Space are friends of the owners. And they are friends of friends.

Every single one of the team is from Moscow (called muscovites).

Although this poshtel in Moscow is quite new, the team already receives great reviews and comments on the major booking platforms.

Stylish bunk beds at Sputnik Hostel Moscow

Beside being very friendly, the staff here also love to help.

They know every corner of Moscow and they can share great recommendations for the different type of travelers.

Therefore, make sure you pick their brain! Seriously, do it!

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We appreciate their local knowledge that much, we decided to create the Geeky Guide Moscow with their help!

Update: Sputnik Hostel closed. You can now find all hostels in Moscow here.