Jordan is a strange country. There are big cities, forgotten majestic mausoleums, mountains and depressions, but most of all there are deserts.
My boyfriend and I traveled around Jordan in August (not so hot as people said) and we lived for more than ten days in a Bedouin tent camp in Wadi Rum desert, southern Jordan.

We put ourselves in some awkward situation with our guest Kaled, who is quite a notable person in Bedouins village, especially struggling to eat with a single hand and annoying him with our Italian chitchat, but he was so kind not to kick our butts out of the house…

Anyways, Nicola is a photographer and he immediately fell in love with desert starry nights and shooting stars. Kaled took him to a quiet place near the camp and, with his tripod, Kaled taughtNicola how to take unbelievable pictures of the night sky and stars. When we saw the photos, it was a blast! It felt like looking right into the universe! If you look closely, you can see that Nicola captured some shooting stars scratching the sky above the tents. Of course we made a wish…but it’s a secret!