Nastrovje fellow traveler! Looks like you are heading over to the Russian capital?! And some secret travel tips Moscow always come in handy, right?! Oh, we envy you right now. Moscow, same as Berlin, is one of the most important cities of the latest century. It has taken an important role in the development of Russia, and the whole wide world. Well, you already know that…

We teamed up with our friends at Sputnik Hostel & Personal Space Moscow to bring you this Geeky Guide. As the Sputnik Hostel Team knows Moscow inside-out, they are the perfect people to introduce you and us to the secret hidden gems of Moscow!

We are very happy to share with you 5 secret travel tips Moscow outside the box! Get to taste the local cuisine, visit the cool hot spots of the city, and order a coffee like a boss! These recommendations are as always written by friends for friends. And hey: they are even for free!

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What Tips can you expect?

  1. authentic and delicious restaurant in style. Go now, thank us later!
  2. An insider bar: enjoy great music, tasty cocktails and positive energy with artists and local musicians!
  3. Brunch like a boss – a designish kiosk to start the day
  4. Cool live-music and other events at a unique bar
  5. the green side of Moscow to have a walk – maybe there is even a huge event when you are in town?!

Awesome Hostel in Moscow? Sputnik Hostel & Personal Space

We had a close look on the hostels in Moscow and we are pumped to introduce you to Sputnik Hostel & Personal Space, the 5 Star Hostel in Moscow!

Sputnik Hostel is a small hostel with a bright loft-design, giving you plenty of space to enjoy the hostel. Sputnik Hostel & Personal Space is located right in the very heart of Moscow. You are in walking distance to the red square, the most iconic place int eh Russian capital!

Our Booking recommendation: You can find the lowest prices for a booking directly on the website of Sputnik Hostel and Personal Space! Also, we collected 11 Hacks to book Hostels like a pro which might be quite helpful for you. Check out all our hostel guides to learn everything you need to know about Hostels!

Sputnik Hostel and Personal Space in Moscow

Hostel Packing List

It is time to see what you should pack in your backpack or suitcase. Make sure you always pick a quality hostel, it totally reduces the things you need to pack. Here is our ultimate hostel packing list. It features 23 items you should really throw in your backpack.

The most important things to pack are: Read the full packing list here.Download Hostel Packing List