Welcome to Remedios, Cuba - a small Concert at a tiny Square

Welcome to Remedios, Cuba – a small Concert at a tiny Square

We trudged through the streets of sleepy Remedios*, Cuba, our rucksacks feeling heavier under the midday sun.

In search of a Casa Particular*, we stumbled onto the main plaza, where the town’s band was playing a slow march under the dappled shade of the band stand. The loud brass felt like a regal welcome, as though we were being rewarded for making it to this tiny place that tourists don’t bother with. The music was wonderful and I smiled at the thought that some experiences cannot be planned. They just happen and you have to simply enjoy the moment.


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Good to know about this Short Travel Story:

Remedios in Cuba is located in the northern east coast in the center of Cuba. This town is famous for their “parrandas”. This is Christmas festivity where – and get this – 2 different districts compete with each other showing off the best fireworks the all night long.

*Casa Particular: A Casa Particluar is the Cuban answer to a guesthouse and budget accommodation. This property is managed by a local family. Beside finding mostly private rooms, they also offer home-cooked meals, and sometimes even more like events, and tours! Staying at a Casa Particular can be easily seen as the Cuban version of AirBnb and Hostels.