Rambutan Hostel Townsville

Rambutan in Townsville, Australia – The coolest Accommodation in Town

It's not often that you discover your accommodation has a glamorous rooftop pool with views of the river. But then, the Rambutan Townsville isn’t your average budget accommodation option.

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  • Location advantage and Neighborhood of Rambutan

    The Rambutan Townsville is located really close to the city’s downtown and all the transportation you’ll need, from buses to boats (like the ferry to Magnetic Island). It’s about a ten-minute walk away from the bus station, for instance.

    You’re within an easy walk of tons of fantastic stuff to do in the city too. It’s right around the corner from the Reef HQ Aquarium, steps away from Ross Creek, and just off The Strand and the beaches. It’s also near the Townsville Entertainment and Convention Centre.

    Full Address: 📍 Rambutan Townsville, 113/119 Flinders St, Townsville City QLD 4810, Australia
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    Private Room Types available: Deluxe Room, Twin Double Room, King Room, Twin Room, Private 3-Bed Room, Private 4-Bed Room

    Shared Room Types available: no dorms available

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Here at Hostelgeeks we are keen to introduce you to Rambutan Townsville. A hot paradise for solo-traveler, couples, campers looking for the coolest accommodation in Townsville.

With settings this stylish, you might feel like you’ve accidentally gotten a crazy good deal at fancy accommodation.

In fact, that’s what some people on major review sites say they felt exactly that way.

Update: Rambutan no longer offers dorms and is no longer a hostel. It is now restructured as a resort. The room types include Queens, Kings, Twins, Family room & 4 bedroom 2-bathroom villas.

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Rambutan Townsville -The hottest 5 Star Hostel with Swimming Pool


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But this resort is all about luxury style – without the typical luxury price tag. Glampackers rejoice!

By luxury, we mean incredibly sexy design, chic decor, rooms with air conditioning and private en-suites, a celebrity chef-run restaurant, and even a rooftop bar where they host poolside cocktail parties.

Oh yeah, there’s a pool, too!

Not only do things look good here, but you can also feel good about staying here.

With carefully selected salvaged materials and active Eco-friendly measures in the accommodation, it’s easy to make green choices here.

So, have we convinced you this is an awesome hostel yet?

If not, then keep on reading! BUT, actually…we can show you around in a video.

Just click play and let these impressions do the talking:

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The Rambutan Townsville in a review

Now, let’s have a super close look on WHY so many people love Rambutan.

Right after we finished our cocktail, we’ll start, okay?

1. Energy Efficiency (Cool & Eco)

From the materials used to build the accommodation to the recycling program, the Rambutan Townsville is all about promoting eco-friendly measures in Australia.

That’s why they have inverter five-star air condoners and energy efficient electrical devices throughout the entire place.

The lighting is all LED, and each room has its own individual energy control system.

It’s all done to save power and make sure things are as efficient as possible. The recycling program separates all the waste from the resort into appropriate bins. It’s monitored daily to make sure things go according to plan!

Rambutan Restaurant

Twin Double Room at Rambutan

2. Stylish & Salvaged

The resort features lots of bright design elements, blue tones, and rustic wooden elements. It’s all infused with laid-back beachy attitude that perfectly matches the location.

The building was constructed out of sandstone that was going to be thrown away.

Instead, they salvaged it and made it into what’s now the resort’s facade, plus a few of the cool design elements inside.

They re-used 19 truckloads of the stuff!

Chill Out at Rambutan Townsville

Rambutan Townsville, hop in!

You’ll also be able to spot old casement windows in the ceiling.

They’re a typical feature of local houses.

Don’t miss the beautifully restored old timbers, either, which add a charming touch of character to the place.

It might not surprise you, then, that the Rambutan Townsville Resort has been nominated for 2 design and building awards, and won the award for Best Commercial Project.

Rambutan Backpackers

3. Swimming Poooooool and Sex Appeal

It’s taken us until point #3 to mention one of the coolest features of this resort in Townsville – the pool right outside the rooms!

There’s also a poolside in-house bar, which means the pool attracts a mixture of locals and travelers alike.

To make things even better, the pool is flanked by cool chill-out lounges equipped with plenty of cushy pillows. Here, you can really relax.

Another one of the unusual features of this resort is that it’s got 52 van sites to cater to travelers exploring via van.

The parking spots have access to places to re-charge the van’s batteries too.

Swimming Pool at Hostels, this is pure luxury!

Double Room with Balcony at Rambutan Hostel

4. Active Social Scene of Rambutan Townsville

While Rambutan Townsville isn’t a hardcore party place to stay, there is no shortage of stuff to do here.

It’s got an edgy Queensland-only feel that even attracts locals to the resort’s restaurant and bar (oh, and pool).

FOOD! Get lost in the options at the Rambutan Restaurant

The restaurant is headed by an international celebrity chef, who’s devised a menu inspired by the American South, Mexico, and Korea with prices reasonable for travelers.

The thinking behind the menu?

“Low and slow is the way to go”

– meaning delicious meals that have been slowly cooked to perfection.

The blue-color swimming pool by night at Rambutan Townsville

There’s music going on until midnight, and the property keeps an active list of all the stuff going on up on their website, from poolside cocktail parties to barbecues.

Don’t feel like staying in the night?

You’re right in the heart of Townsville’s best nightlife district.

There’s no excuse to be bored here!

A green swimming pool? The color keeps changing, depending on the event!

5. Travel-Minded Locals, the staff

The beach resort in Townsville Australia is staffed by a great group of locals who love to travel themselves, so they know just how to give you the best tips, so you can enjoy your trip to the max.

They frequently receive well-deserved compliments on major review sites from all sorts of travelers.

The Restaurant at Rambutan

The property is carefully planned around involving all sorts of different types of travelers. They especially cater to travelers moving around with vans.

They came up with the pioneering concept of having underground mobile van sites that let people park their van in a safe place with access to power outlets and the facilities they need.

The Reception Desk

On top of that, their website shows just how eager their staff is to make sure you have a great time in Townsville.

They can hook you up with all sorts of fun stuff to do, including Adrenalin-pumping snorkel diving, visits to the biggest living coral reef aquarium in the world, trips to the Billabong Sanctuary, and ferry rides to the paradisaical Magnetic Island.

Also, have a look at the review of Rambutan by our friend and budget travel expert Steph from Big World Small Pockets. She also loves the Rambutan style, and highly recommends it.

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Need a bikini? No problem, the Rambutan has a great selection of gorgeous swim wear

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Safe travels!

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