Puli Center Center Hostel – yes you read that correctly – is a two-person run hostel in the heart of Taiwan. If you’re looking for warmth, beauty and quirky added extras, you have hit the jackpot. This small island has plenty to offer, and the staff are passionate to introduce you to, well; everything!

The infobox on Puli Center Center Hostel

The Puli Center Center Hostel is an accommodation we at Hostelgeeks have been very curious about.The name alone of this particular hostel has serious characterskip to criteria #2 design to find out more.

Welcome to Puli Center Center Hostel

The 5 Star Hostels, including Puli Center Center Hostel, are awarded by Hostelgeeks, an independent platform designed to deliver the world’s greatest hostels. Based on transparent criteria, the 5 Star Hostels are budget accommodations with character and personality.

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Puli Center Center Hostel is a 5 Star Hostel

Puli Center Center Hostel is a 5 Star Hostel, because …

So without further hesitation, let’s take a look at the transparent criteria of what makes Puli Center Center stand out.

 1. Locally managed par excellence

We are proud to announce that this 5 star hostel is locally managed by Ming and Ting, two passionate travelers from Taiwan. Established by two independent crew members working in the field of theatre arts, they came up with a hostel name to best reflect the geographic center of Taiwan; Center Center!

Furthermore, the name implies the possibility for travelers to find their own central positions in life. Deep, right?

Design Details at Puli Center Center Hostel

For Ming and Ting, the happy-go-lucky managers at Puli Center Center hostel, it is important for them to introduce all things Taiwanese to their guests. This includes the delicious local dishes and the unique culture. Keep your eyes peeled and you might see one of their cool videos around the hostel and Natoung Puli.

2. Artsy atmosphere and poetry

It has to be noted that the most intriguing part of this hostel’s design, is the name; ‘Center Center’. At first glance you think it is a typo, right? You’d be wrong! In fact, the genius minds behind this name put a lot of thought into it. Center Center is a term often used within performing arts, referring to the position on the central stage.

The passion behind the meaning of the name is evident; have a read of this piece of their short poem if you don’t believe us:

Some say that the essence of traveling is moving.

In fact, moving is a phenomenon of traveling.

The nature of traveling, is defining.

Alongside the well-designed name, the Center Center hostel offers a relaxing atmosphere in a traditional-style building. Upon arrival you will be greeted by a space specifically designed for travelers, by travelers. The hostel is delightfully decorated and refurnished and the mixed dorms provide perfect opportunity to mingle with other like-minded folk.

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The Yuchi township, next to Puli is very famous for high quality black tea. Puli center center hostel provides the stable and good black tea for free. We simply love it. Why? It is a good way to start a conversation with other travelers. Try it!

3. Unique: Good vibes only!

Puli Center Center hostel has done well to use their space effectively.

On the first floor there are in fact two public areas! Toward the front you will find the reception area and a coffee bar blended together.

Move into the next space and you’ll find big tables, sofas, books, computers and a simple kitchen. Relax, meet people, cook or send that all important email, all in one space.

A truly warming, cosy place – thanks Center Center! 

Relax at Puli Center Center Hostel

The staff continually seek out special, quirky souvenirs to introduce to their guests. This includes paper postcards, wallets and artistic pieces from local artists. How about exploring the town for yourself? This has now been made more fun, thanks to the staff.

They’ve created a wall map, marked with shops and places they highly recommend to see. This way, guests can easily find what they wish to try and chat with new friends about what is good to see/do.

It is like putting the hostelgeeks travel guides and their secret travel tips on a map!

Private Twin Room at Puli Center Center Hostel

Don’t forget to leave a response in the notebook as a reference for other travelers. We’ve named it the ‘Puli Wiki’!

4. Devote energy to show Taiwanese life

Taiwan is a beautiful country, and Puli Center Center hostel will devote their energy to show if off to anyone and everyone. It’s not just about the famous attractions though, daily life is also important.

Check out this neat video from friends of the staff about taiwanese food.

Here is another great guide to food in Taiwan by Salt and Sandals.

Social vibes are aplenty here too, with a weekly movie that everyone is invited along to watch. Each month a new genre is selected, so perhaps you may consider extending your stay.

Good community connections mean good opportunities during your stay. If you like the outdoors, great! Try your hand at paragliding, tree climbing and/or short cycling trips.

Oh and what about ‘farmer for a day’? The staff can even arrange this for you!

5. Staff living at Puli Center Center Hostel

We’ve mentioned before how it is common for staff to come and go, especially in a hostel. We can all relate to that incessant pull of travel, right? Well at Puli Centre Centre hostel it is different. Ming and Ting are in fact the only staff members here. We think this is great.

They are passionate, well-informed and they also live within the hostel.

Artsy Puli Center Center Hostel in Taiwan

Their familiarity with Taiwan goes far beyond the usual sightseeing trail, so take some time to speak with them and learn about the hidden gems. Same as Rose and Anthony from Montacute Boutique Bunkhouse in Hobart, Tasmania, the two owners actually live at the hostel.

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How to book Puli Center Center Hostel?

Check out the official website of Puli Center Center Hostel. Why? There you can get the lowest prices!

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Hostel Packing List

Now that you found this amazing hostel, make sure you pack the right away and the right things.

Here is our ultimate hostel packing list. It features 23 smart items you need to pack.

The main things to pack are:

  1. earplugs
  2. eye mask
  3. key chain flashlight
  4. the right backpack, the Lowe Alpine Lightflite 40 Pack
  5. packing cubes
  6. generic padlock
  7. quick-dry travel towel
  8. universal power adapter
  9. travel-sized toiletries
  10. The hostel address – written down
Read the full packing list here.Download Hostel Packing List

FUN Things to do in Puli Township, Nantou County, Taiwan

Remember to book your tickets to the most popular sights in advance.