The power of spontaneity - College, friendship, and travel!

The power of spontaneity – College, friendship, and travel!

I live in Fullerton, California and attend CSUF with my friends. None of us knew each other before coming to college, but we were all brought together by sheer luck. Our friendships have blossomed and we have been on so many adventures together throughout the first semester of school. It was sad to be heading home for winter break, but when we returned to school it felt too good to be reunited!

Our first weekend back we decided to take a trip to Santa Monica, which is about an hour away from Fullerton (depending on traffic). We found a parking spot, and strolled to the pier to find florescent lights and ocean smells. I am a videographer so naturally I filmed some of the fun moments with my friends and later turned it into this video.

We had dinner at Urth Café, and took pictures at sunset with the beach in the background.

This night of spontaneity is now one of my favorite memories with the girls and I will cherish it always.

– – –

To Lauren, Lindsey, Jessica, and Naomi – You have made my freshman year so unforgettable and I cannot wait for the adventures and great times to come.
Love Always, Nevada