The next level of hostels in Argentina started in January 2016 when Onas Hostel& Suites opened its doors for the world. Located in a residential area of Córdoba, the Onas Hostel comes with high-end facilities such as a large, green garden and an outdoor pool as well as a world-chic design. Follow us at Hostelgeeks through one of the worlds most impressive hostels.

The infobox on Onas Hostel

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The Onas Hostel & Suites in Córdoba simply wowed us. Walking through the hostel, wandering around the large back and frontyard, this upscale hostel is without a doubt the new generation of hosteling.

The sunny frontyard at Onas Hostel & Suites

This is how you make your entrance: Onas Hostel & Suites

Onas Hostel is above and beyond your average hostel and ticks all the boxes of the highest hostel standard: the 5 Star Hostel award. We are Hostelgeeks, and we award 5 Star Hostels around the world, based on transparent criteria.

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The experience at one of the best hostels in the world starts already from the outside, before checking in. The building itself is beautiful masterpiece with a huge frontyard, hammocks to chill at, and a well-designed bar. The entrance complex out of glass, iron, and a wooden door itself is remarkable as well. And the wow just keeps getting more and more.

Lightning is important! The entrance and reception desk at Onas Hostel

Onas Hostel's reception desk with glass and plants

Let’s join our walk through Onas Hostel.

We will experience arabic eclectic design, special lighting, admire some Berlin-London influenced touches, and come across endless plants and seating areas. And if that’s not enough, the big outdoor swimming pool in the backyard is the place to just linger after a long day exploring Córdoba.

Onas Hostel & Suites is a 5 Star Hostel because …

1. High-end, yet sustainable

Onas Hostel started their accommodation with combining two existing buildings into an impressive complex of frontyard, main building, building on-site for accommodation, and backyard – swimming pool included. One important element for the design of Onas is the lighting.

The wow-effect is included!

Onas Hostel & Suites offers numerous social areas to hang out

The hostel works with companies providing efficient electrical installation to minimize the co2 foot print. Additionally, after 6 month of opening, the 5 Star Hostel decided to change the whole lighting system to a full LED light system.

This allows the hostel to reduce their carbon emissions.

Design Details at Onas Hostel in Córdoba, Argentina

A full design hostel concept to knock-off your socks

Currently in process is their own organic farm project. Goal is to grow in-house plants providing the hostels mint, basil, and other herbs for self-supply at the bar and restaurant.

The hostel concept is based on noble, high quality materials and recycled elements to bring the guests an international, eclectic flair. The term luxury is here more than accurate!

2. Top-Notch design jungle

The villa of Onas is located in two former building complexes, built in the early 19th century. The initial plan was to take both buildings down and start from scratch. That was until architect Juan Manuel Roque Allende and the two designers Maria Eugenia Beltran and Pilar Carranza decided to take a challenge. They united the two complexes, and the interior designers found a way to upcycle existing elements to a prominent interior.

The best hostel in Córdoba, Argentina: Onas Hostel & Suites

5 Star Hostel standard without a doubt!

Buddha statue overlooking the pool and Onas Hostel

Onas Hostel is a high-end, luxury hostel which is awarded with the 5 Star Hostel award, only 6 month after opening.

Although the design is remarkable in every sense, this may cover the fact that Onas Hostel&Suites is actually quite a small hostel. With only 9 rooms, only 35 travelers can call this 5 Star hostel in Córdoba home at the same time.

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Fancy a double room at Onas Hostel? Here you go!

Sweet dreams! This is a double bed at one of the suites at Onas Hostel & Suites

Onas Hostel is a design jungle where one corner comes with a deep, arabic influence whilst others are a reminder of European interior. This eclectic designs highly aesthetic and an experience itself. All different design elements from street art, hammocks, wooden thick tables, and minimalistic lights fall together into one well-grounded hostel concept.

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Up-side-down! The Eiffel Tower made it to Córdoba

3. Unique: New Level of Hosteling in Argentina

All 5 Star Hostels are unique, and it can be anything from special events, quirky design details, inspiring background stories, and more. Here at the 5 star accommodation, well, everything is actually unique. The whole hostel is based on a well-grounded, though through concept, as pointed out in #2 design.

The Design Jungle at Onas Hostel in Córdoba

Goooood morning from Onas Hostel

Did anyone say BBQ? Onas Hostel outdoor area

Onas Hostel is unique in Argentina and South America, taking hosteling to a new, superior level of quality. Their concept breaks the paradigm of the old hostels image, and lets budget traveler choose from scratch between cool backpacker hostels, or this new 5 Star Hostel.

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The service delivered by the Onas Team is also worth it a mention as a unique part. They go the extra mile to ensure a supreme hostel experience. At Onas you find a local team of Córdobeses, making everybody feel at home.

The 5 Star Hostel in Córdoba, Argentina, comes with a swimming pool - and it's not even the highlight!

The outdoor area in the backyard of Onas Hostel & Suites

Onas Hostel knows how to impress

The outdoor lounge at Onas 5 Star Hostel

4. Vibes: intimate feel-good!

The Onas Hostel & Suites is a small, intimate hostel where travelers really slow down, enjoy a dip in the swimming pool, and a cold cocktail at the bar. Whilst Onas Hostel is not the typical backpacker accommodation, it is certainly a social hotspot for travelers looking for a tranquil hostel experience with good vibes only, and a chill out ambiance.

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The outdoor bar at Onas Hostel & Suites in Córdoba

The frontyard at Onas Hostel & Suites by night is also worth it to experience

The outdoor lounge at the swimming pool in the garden

Currently there are no weekly organized events, same as Montacute Boutique Bunkhouse in Hobart, Tasmania. However, there are different events such as fashion shows, birthdays, and book presentations. Locals and travelers alike mingle at the in-house bar and restaurant.

The accommodation is that popular among locals that even wedding celebrations are hold here. In only 6 month after opening, Onas Hostel hold already 3 different weddings. The wedding celebrations are always private parties. That’s actually not a problem for you as a traveler, because for the wedding celebrations the rooms and dorms are actually occupied by the wedding party itself.

The cosy hostel cinema at Onas Hostel in Córdoba

Fancy a movie? Go up to the cosy in-house cinema.

5. Small hostel, big family – the staff

There is something special about the staff: Every single team member at Onas Hostels started its hospitality experience right here. Nobody had any real experience in hospitality, and it all came down to this hostel opening.

So, what’s the verdict? Well done, keep it up!

Although the lack of experience, it is even more impressive to see what great job the Onas Team is doing; every day! The team receives plenty of compliments for their friendly, good vibes.

„We are all like a big family thats learning together a new skill and it happens that we are good at it.“

Christopher, Manager at Onas Hostel

Nothing missing here at the kitchen corner

The Kitchen corner at Onas Hostel

Also, we highly recommend to ask the staff for any secret tips around Córdoba. They know their city off the path as well, so make sure you pick their brain. The best way to do just that? During a drink at the in-house bar. Cheers!

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