You are not a man if you haven't been on the Great Wall

You are not a man if you haven’t been on the Great Wall

As they say in China, you’re not a man if you haven’t been on the Great Wall. In November 2011, during my honeymoon, I visited the Mutianyu site, which is 90 km from Bejing. Mutianyu is one of the best choices to see the Great Wall because it is beyond the tourist circuits but good for everyone that would like to see the famous bastions and 22 control towers.
The part of the Great Wall in Mutianyu is 2 km long. Even if it seems to be short, it could be very difficult to climb it at all because there are a lot of steep sections.
Take your time and enjoy the magnificient view (especially if you’re there very early in the morning): the Great Wall looks like a dragon hiding in the fog!
At the end of your visit, take the Toboga, a slide that runs down the mountain, to reach the end of the valley. I promise you an exciting experience!