Feeling liberated in Norway!

Feeling liberated in Norway!

My boyfriend and I spent last August in Norway.

Our first stop was Trolltunga, 22km of walking through snow, mud, rain, wind and darkness. Two days later we hiked Pulpit Rock, almost half the distance, this second hike seemed like a breeze compared to the first one.

We spent the rest of the time relaxing and exploring the beautiful county of Ryfylke – from a 10 Euro/day spa overlooking the lake, gazing at the incredible and numerous waterfalls, to aimlessly driving by the fjords.

I have always been scared of heights.

It had been less than a year since my foot surgery, accomplishing these hikes made me feel excited and liberated.

On one of our drives along the fjords, we found ourselves alone on the road surrounded by endless beauty, I felt like this was my chance to do something else I’ve always wanted to do…

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