My Au Pair Experience was horrible - I traveled Europe instead

My Au Pair Experience was terrible – I traveled Europe instead

The taxi dropped me off at the Ostello Villa Olmo, a youth hostel in Como, Italy. Sore after carrying a heavy backpack on my back plus a large suitcase that was broken, I stumbled into the reception room. I had just fled a bad situation with a family I had au paired with. I thought things were going well, but then they started placing more and more demands on me until it got to the point where I couldn’t even go out with friends. Even that made them angry. I was expected to place their family first at all times. I felt like a slave. I had to get out fast! Thankfully I did, but when I arrived at the Ostello in Como, I was desperate to find support.

Much to my relief, a man greeted me and took care of my luggage. Since I had no cash to pay for my stay, I had to pay by credit card. Thankfully the lady at the desk accepted credit cards. I paid for one night.

Fear gripped my heart, but through the pain, I was thankful I was safe and that I had a place to lay my head at night. I decided to travel through Europe instead of staying any day longer with this family!