Most Art Boutique Hostel - Concerts, workshops and Art Exhibitions

Most Art Boutique Hostel in Leiria, Portugal – Concerts, Workshops and Art Exhibitions

The Most Art Boutique Hostel is a brand new space for accommodation, art and culture in the city of Leiria, Portugal. Located in a privileged area, the concept of Most Art Hostel is to present their guests with the opportunity of living cultural and social experiences, as well as sharing their adventures and stories.

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  • Location advantage and Neighborhood of Most Art Boutique Hostel

    Most Art Boutique Hostel is located in a very handy spot. Leiria itself is a 1 hour drive from Lisbon, and 1 hour 30 from Porto.

    The Museu de Leria, Museu Moinho de Papel and Rio Liz are all practically in the front yard of the hostel. Most Art Boutique Hostel is just a 5 minute walk to the city, and a 10 minute walk from the Leiria castle.

    If you are a keen surfer, or wish to try during your stay, Supertubos beach is an hour away, and then Giant Wave in Nazare is only 30 minutes away.

    Full Address: 📍 Most Art Boutique Hostel, Largo Infantaria 7, n.º 11A Leiria
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Besides the usual concept of accommodation, the Most Art Boutique Hostel has the peculiarity of encouraging art and culture, keeping in mind present artworks of different artists from around the world, with primarily focus on local artists.

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Welcome to Most art boutique Hostel Leiria

Whether it is art and museums, the chance to surf at beautiful beaches or the city life of Leiria that interests you, the artsy boutique hostel is an ideal base to have during your stay.

Where is this city?

Leiria is located close to the Atlantic coast, just one hour North of Lisbon, and 1.5 hours south of Porto.

Here are the guides:

Therefore, the home of Most Art Hostel is the perfect slow-down break in between the two big cities of Porto and Lisbon.

Here is an introduction to Leiria.

Before we start, pack smart…

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The Most Art Boutique Hostel in a review

Let us walk through Most Art Boutique Hostel.

We will find art, a sunny terrace, plenty of plants.

Have a look for yourself and read at the transparent criteria to find out why Most Art is an outstanding hostel.

1. Ecological footprint and Art exhibition

The Most Art Boutique Hostel has a great responsibility towards the environment of Leiria, Portugal.

Their concerns with the environment, their ecological footprint and the social environment means that they strive to ensure their overall footprint is kept to a minimum, whilst still running a comfortable and enjoyable hostel.

Most Art Boutique Hostel is within an old restored building.

Although not all the original materials were restored, many of the materials that were used are like that of the original, maintaining that oldy-worldy, cosy feel of the place.

Art gallery all around at Most Art boutique Hostel

As for the interior, this hostel is all about sustainability.

All lights are LED which is a perfect way to save energy, alongside the showers which are on a timer. Don’t worry, though, it won’t be turning off every 5 seconds.

The floors and roofs around the place keep the temperature steady, and windows in every room allow for fresh air and natural heat from the sun.

Be sure to check out the art exhibitions on sale too – the profits are offered to charities!

2. Art in mind – the art gallery of Leiria

Need we point out that Most Art Hostel was designed with art in mind?

Perhaps not, but we are going to focus on this aspect regardless because well, we personally think it’s unique.

Local artists with international reputation helped create the concept of this hostel, and it has successfully become a point of reference in the city as a beautiful art gallery.

From the interior design to the exhibitions on show, everything was thought out in detail.

Cozy living room at Most Art Boutique hostel Portugal

As you walk around the common spaces, you will see a stainless steel map of Leiria winding its way along the walls.

A wonderful reference point and conversation starter with other travelers!

At reception, they have created this unique hostel plant installation, along with cabinets at different depths which represent the plant on a rotation.

Having trouble visualizing this?

Seeing is believing, as the old saying goes.

Also at reception, the desk itself is another piece of art that follows the line of the river which runs through the city of Leiria; the river Liz.

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Reception details at Most Art boutique Hostel

Evidential, you will enjoy the unique artistic vibe as soon as you walk through the door.

Wander around, and you will see intricate paintings hanging on the walls which perfectly complement the modern decor in the rooms.

All the colors chosen for Most Art Boutique Hostel are related to their function and what can be seen outside the window.

After all, Most Art is indeed a Boutique Hostel.

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3. Concerts, workshops, and Art exhibitions

How often do you come across exhibitions of art at a hostel?


Art exhibitions make Most Art Boutique Hostel unique!

It doesn’t stop there; during your stay you can also get involved in workshops such as cooking, foot reflexology, yoga and/or photography.

Do not be surprised if you arrive and hear drums and guitars, as this 5 Star Hostel also holds live concerts from time to time.

What is wonderful about this hostel is that it is not only open for paying guests – the curious are also invited. Suddenly your social bubble grows during your stay as you mingle with travelers and locals alike.

Most Art Boutique Hostel strives to accommodate everyone, and this is evident with their choice of rooms.

Choose between double, triple, family, mixed dorms and also a room for people with reduced mobility.

Having trouble with hostel room types?

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Art on the walls in Most art boutique Hostel Family room at Most Art Boutique Hostel

4. Numerous activities and a terrace to chill

If your social vibe needs haven’t been met by the numerous activities, concerts, and art exhibitions on offer, never fear, it doesn’t stop there.

The Most Art Boutique Hostel has a terrace where you can find wines and sausages of the region to enjoy too.

It’s surely a good excuse to sit and admire the front of the museum, garden, and the Rio Liz and wind down after a busy day exploring.

Enjoy the terrace at most art boutique Hostel Leiria

Or of course if you still have bundles of energy, rent a bike from the hostel, speak to the staff about interesting places nearby and explore Leiria on two wheels – you won’t be disappointed.

That brings us to the top-rated team, the people behind the artsy accommodation.

5. Love for travelers of all kinds

The owners of Most Art Boutique Hostel have worked in hotels within and outside Europe for many years.

They really understand the market and the job the team provides.

Their passion for tourism and the hostel business extends further as they open their homes on the popular Airbnb platform.

It’s easy to see that they love travelers of all kinds!

The reception staff have lived and worked for extended time in other countries too, so they have an array of languages and cultures to share with you during your stay.

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Rent a bike and discover Leiria at Most art boutique Hostel Museum views from the Most art boutique hostel

Perhaps you could learn to say a simple greeting in at least 3 languages whilst you’re in town – the friendly staff would be more than happy to teach you, we’re sure about it!

A good place to mingle: the sunny terrace!

You see, Most Art Boutique Hostel stands out for many reasons. When traveling in Portugal, give Leiria a try.

It is on your way from Porto to Lisbon.

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We at Hostelgeeks truly enjoy the authentic, easy-going, cultural vibe of Leiria’s Most Art Hostel – and so will you.

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