Scratching his Head and trying to figure me out - Monkeys in Costa Rica

Monkeys in Costa Rica – Is this Monkey a Psychologist?

Day 5 of my Costa Rican trip and I had yet to see a monkey. I was pretty disappointed… I had heard so much about the monkeys!  We had a rainforest hike scheduled and I was convinced that today was the day! Throughout the hike, the monkeys taunted me with their howling but I still couldn’t see them. As we neared the end of the hike on a hanging bridge, I started to accept that an animal encounter wasn’t in the cards. Then there they were…a large branch with several monkeys hung over us. They were chasing each other, jumping between branches, and for a long moment, two monkeys were directly above me. One of the monkeys even sat there looking at me, scratching his head as if he was trying to figure me out. It was awesome to see them in their natural surroundings and an experience I’ll never forget.