Mini Boxtel AoNang - Salty hair, sandy feet, and superfood-fruit with a sea view

Mini Boxtel in AoNang, Thailand – Salty Hair, Sandy Feet and Superfruits with a Sea View

With sandy beach feet we were sitting in the brand new café, enjoying a creamy fruit bowl along with a beach side view. The radio played smooth jazz, and with the morning steadily passing, more and more people joined the coffee shop. We visited MiniBoxtel in Ao Nang, Krabi, South Thailand. We at Hostelgeeks brought back a beautiful design hostel, photographic impressions, and a story to tell. The fruit bowl however, sorry; that one was just for us!

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  • The Location Advantage of Mini Boxtel AoNang

    The beach on your doorstep - do you need anything else?! Ao Nang is a fairly small beach destination, and you have several grocery stores, bars, cafés, ATMs and shops nearby. It is a great, convenient location, no doubt about that.

    Boat routes in AoNang,krabi

    As for the night life, there are some bars and clubs in the area, just ask the staff about recommendations. Would you like to explore the area and region?

    Then it is a good idea to get a scooter. It is the easiest and fastest way to get around, and it is very affordable. However, please make sure you know how to drive a scooter beforehand, drive slow and defensively, and wear a helmet!

    Full Address: 📍 Mini Boxtel AoNang, 247/3 M.2 Aonang Muang Krabi TH 81000
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    Shared Room Types available: Mini Group Dorm, Lady Dorm

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UPDATE: Sorry dear readers, Mini Boxtel permanently closed its doors in 2021. You can find all hostels in Ao Nang Beach here.

MiniBoxtel Hostel is a small, female-only, design-led hostel at the beach front in Ao Nang.

It takes you literally 20 steps to feel the sand under your feet.

The hostel opened its doors back in 2015, as a result of the ongoing success of Mini House, the bigger sister hotel.

Upcycled table at Mini Boxtel

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Ao Nang is the beach town, only a 20-min ride away from famous Krabi.

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Walking around AoNang beach, Krabi

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The Mini Boxtel Hostel in Review

Oh Yeah, during your Thailand trip, you will be able to stay at unique accommodations!

So now is time to relax and let us show you around.

1. Love, care, and passion

To quote the hostel directly; This hostel runs on love, passion, and care.

 „We believe that giving others the best, is the best receiving“

– Mini Boxtel team

The abandoned building in the center of Ao Nang got lifted from loneliness and given new purpose.

The owners recognized the potential of upscale accommodation for budget travelers right here.

After Mini House was a big success, the owners wanted to take a second step, and created the cities first female-only hostel.

Mini Boxtel works with love and passion

After the opening, the hostel decided to upgrade the hostel to an even better place. The dorm on the first floor was removed and replaced by an impressive in-house café.

It is no secret: we love Coffee and Design!

Here you can order delicious food and creamy coffee to enjoy with the cities beach view. We got the fruit bowl with cereals and the freshest fruits and mango cream.

When you get one, please send us over an Instagram shot to make us jealous!

Life is easy at Mini Boxtel café

Coffee time at Mini Boxtel AoNang, Krabi

The stylish table in the center of the café bar is actually a 30-year-old rubber machine.

Along with many more details like travel quotes, surfboards, and colorful sprinkles over the hostel, it’s a fantastic place to unwind and kick-back.

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Hungry?This superbowl will full your stomach and your soul

2. Design-led hostel at the beachfront

Remove your shoes and go inside; you’ll discover a serious gem of design.

The colorful sprinkles in blue symbolize the ocean.

Splashed on the wall, it highlights the logo on the first floor as well as the room numbers on the upper floors.

It’s an elegantly discreet design.

The dorms themselves come in a pod-style.

Every pod has its own plug, light and curtain for privacy.

As Mini Boxtel is a female-only hostel, it’s therefore only female-only dorms here.

Simple, right?!

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We even created a handy introduction to female-only dorms with 7 pros and 3 cons to consider.

Animal details at Mini Boxtel Cafe

The café is the highlight of the accommodation.

The name of the café is „Lion&Shark“, the animal kings of the earth and water.

Have a closer look at the hand-painted wall behind the long sofa, as it shows different animals as well.

Besides a beautiful design, the concept becomes clearer when paying closer attention to the design elements.

Mini Boxtel loves blue water

In a nutshell, the hostel’s design is kept in a boutique style with gray and wooden colors.

The laid-back influence of a beach location is, there’s no denying it, a great way to enjoy quality accommodation on a budget.

3. The only female-only hostel in town

The photos, reviews and comments we received from our community here at Hostelgeeks convinced us: We had to stop by MiniBoxtel to see if it is really a 5 Star-worthy hostel.

We were excited to see for ourselves.

Surfing lessons anyone? Mini Boxtel can organize them for you

The hostel matches all the criteria, and really stands out of all the hostels in the area.

The concept hostel was designed after its bigger sister boutique hotel, the Mini House. It is the owners’ next iteration of success as a fresh approach towards female-only boutique hostels.

The whole hostel tells you the responsible one is a design lover and a fruit junky. From our perspective, Mini Boxtel is 100% pure Ao Nang.

Female-only hostel in AoNang, krabi

4. Easy-going and chill vibes

Although it’s a female-only hostel, you will find a mix of gender in the café itself.

Guys are welcome here as well, and the atmosphere is easy-going and chill.

This is not your typical party hostel, but a serious social melting point for travelers exploring Thai-islands.

Welcome to Mini Boxtel Hostel AoNang

It is very common to meet people either coming from the islands like Koh Pi Pi, Koh Lanta or Koh Lipe, or from the Northern parts such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai and so on.

Therefore, it is great to chat with fellow travelers about their experiences, and potentially create new travel plans.

The social point? Mini Boxtel Café

At night, the hostel is surrounded by numerous options to go out and experience the town’s nightlife.

5. Passionate staff, loving Krabi

Last but not least, what about the staff?

The staff speaks great English, so you won’t experience that dreaded language barrier.

The team in the café downstairs will give you their personal recommendations for a good coffee or food to order.

We mentioned it before, but thanks to the recommendation we took the fruit bowl – and we still dream about that one, seriously!

Fruit bowl anyone?

Another plus for the staff is that they actually come from Ao Nang and area.

This means you have some friends here, knowing the area like the back of their hand.

Go for it and ask them for their recommendations.

Mini Boxtel staff recommendation

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