New York City, here we come! We are Hostelgeeks, and we are pumped to share with you these 8 Manhattan travel tips outside the tourist box! But no worries, we at Hostelgeeks did not spent 2 days in the big city and suddenly we are experts, no way!

We welcome you to a special and unique guidance to the local spots in Manhattan! Also, you can get 5 secrets to hipster Brooklyn, the special Brooklyn-Edition. This Guide is created by a real-life New York City Local – and yes, they do exist!

We teamed up with our friend Chloe Olewitz, born in New York City. In fact, born in Manhattan! She is a freelance writer and creative strategist and knows the city like the back of her hand.

And not just that. She shares the same passion for unique places, and the same spirit of travel as we do. Therefore, Chloe is the perfect person to bring us these Manhattan travel tips to get to know the local life in Manhattan!

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Sneak-peek of the 8 Hidden gems in Manhattan:

  1. A brand-new Restaurant, skyrocking all the top NYC dining lists – words are not enough
  2. Have a coffee and get served by aspiring models – An extra eye-candy!
  3. A coffee-library, an elegant oasis that is a perfect getaway from the hectic city energy
  4. Chloe’s favorite and beloved bar in downtown Manhattan – local community feeling!
  5. Spontaneous live music and a hidden door as the entrance – an underground cocktail bar!
  6. Get a snack like the locals all over the city
  7. a unique activity – watch or try it yourself, it won’t hurt!
  8. How to buy local in Manhattan? Chloe shares her fav market with us

New York City on a budget? Travel blogger Janey wrote up her best tips.

Unique Manhattan Travel Tips by a Local

There’s no city like New York. Love it or hate it, there’s no place quite like it in the world.

Transplants and locals might argue about what’s real and what’s trendy, what’s hot and what’s classic, but anyone who loves this town will tell you that there is something for everyone in New York City.

You could spend decades going out for every meal of every day in this city, without ever going to the same place twice.

As a real-life native New York City local (yes, we exist!), I do what I can to balance my old school city favorites with the never-ending discovery of new gems.

I was born and raised in lower Manhattan, and I still like to hang out around my old stomping grounds.

By no means is this an official guidebook to the Village, but there’s nothing wrong with getting to know some local top picks.

It’s always hard to choose just a few, but here are some of my Manhattan favorites that visitors from anywhere could love.

Special Thanks to Chloe!

We, Anna&Matt, say thank you and gracias to our friend Chloe. She put together these 8 unique Manhattan travel tips to share them with the Hostelgeeks Community. You can say Hi as well to Chloe on

Chloe also shares her best-kept secrets to Brooklyn.

Make sure you read our guide to where to stay in New York – the best hostels.

While we were creating the downloadable version of this guide, we were sitting in the African sun, listening to live music. And while we worked around those tips Chloe sent us over, we wanted to test these recommendations instantly. We hope you enjoy them!

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