Makati Junction Hostel - The hipster-vibe Co-Working Hostel in Manila

Makati Junction Hostel – The hipster-vibe Co-Working Hostel in Manila

Welcome to our full review of Makati Junction Hostel. The cool hostel in manila itself offers everything you expect from a 5* complex. Plus some added extras such as a cool co-working space, arranged tours, super welcoming staff and interesting design. The owners are hospitality experts, and we were excited talking to them about hospitality, food trucks, and co-working. A Review!

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  • Location Advantage of Makati Junction Hostel

    Situated in a relatively quiet neighborhood, Makati Junction Hostel is located just a few blocks from the main tourist area. It is also just a short walking distance to where the city action is happening, should you fancy night on the town.

    Local and international cuisine is available in restaurants along. Burgos street, just two blocks away, along with many bars and pubs. If you fancy staying closer to home, Asian restaurants and food stalls offer up delicious home-cooked meals nearby. It’s also good to know a 7-eleven and Ministop are very close to Makati Junction Hostel. Just in case you are craving some familiarity during your stay.

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    Full Address: 📍 Makati Junction Hostel, Annex Matheus Bldg. Gen. Luna Corner Don Pedro Street, Barangay Poblacion 1210 Makati City, Philippines
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It was important for them to find the right place to create Junction Hostel. Alas, they found a new apartment building in Makati city and immediately transformed everything to create a livable-working space full of character and hipster vibes.

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The cosy TV room at Makati Junction Hostel

What’s particularly memorable about Makati Junction Hostel, is that the 4 store space has been successfully designed to entice locals and travelers alike. A perfect way to exchange culture, support the locals and boost tourism from all angles – something everyone can gain from.

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Makati Junction Hostel - the hipster-vibe 5 Star Hostel in Manila

Makati Junction Hostel in Manila in Review

Junction Hostel Makati offers everything you could possibly need; comfort, warmth, food, entertainment and of course, drinks! But try not to let it stop you from exploring the areas nearby where home-made food, restaurants and local everyday life can be experienced.

This is our review. We will share with you our impressions and give you some handy ideas why to stay here. Enjoy!

1. Container Van and old window frames

The building that Makati Junction Hostel is within remains energy efficient. Don’t freak out about all the lighting in the Living Lounge, communal area where you can socialize, work and play – as energy-saving bulbs are used! You will also notice upcycled tables, chairs and even the ceiling where wood, iron and old window frames were restored to add to the Junction story.

You won’t miss the Truck!

It is an upcycled container van, that services all day breakfast, sandwiches, drinks and transforms into a lively bar at night. All of the food and drink served at the in-house café/bar of Makati Junction Hostel are locally sourced.

So in turn support local people and their families. A very good excuse to say yes to one more delicious, sinful pastry on offer throughout the day!

The famous food truck and the team at Makati Junction Hostel

Makati Junction Hostel has also cleverly thought of a way to bring locals and travelers together. Makati Junction Hostel is also a co-working space. And why not? The space is indeed big, and it’s a great way to support and give something back to the local people of Manila.

The bathrooms at Makati Junction Hostel (both shared and privates bathrooms) are provided with plenty of shampoo and liquid soap – think of the amount of plastic that will save over time (and the money…)!

Good to know for your hostel packing list.

The accommodation offers both private and shared accommodations.

Learn more about all the different hostel room types here. A complete overview and what to expect.

Digital Nomad Hostel - Makati Junction Hostel

2. Design: The Geek version of hipster

Makati Junction Hostel is all about big letters and big impact on guests, not forgetting colorful things aplenty! Wandering the hallways, the walls will be sure to catch your eye, with bold lettering, amusing quotes and in-your-face colorful design. The huge ‘junc world’ map in the co-working space is particularly cool and a wonderful way to plan your next adventure over a coffee!

The only way to do great work is to love what do you! – Makati Junction Hostel

We also collected 109 travel quotes you will enjoy for sure.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do! Quotes at Makati Junction Hostel

Let’s talk more about the co-working space of Makati Junction Hostel. It’s open plan, comfortable design is perfect for locals and guests that have computer/paper-based work to do. Hourly, daily and weekly rates apply and welcome to use the communal areas (hostel guests get free use of space), so travelers and locals alike can spend time conversing.

A great way to pick up tips on the area! It’s what we like to call a hostel that is a ‘Geek version of hipster!’

Take a proper look around Makati Junction Hostel and you will discover plenty of cool design; a chalk board full of fun things, a book exchange, a blackboard full of awesome events and ‘Instagrammable’ sections scattered around that we just know you’ll love to share.

Cool hostel dorm at Makati Junction Hostel

And the ‘junc world’ map we mentioned before? Please feel free to attach a bus ticket or a piece of memorabilia from your travels across the world!

3. Unique: +100 lights and a fun vibe

What truly makes this hostel unique is the fun, hipster character, and you’ll notice it as soon as you take time to visit their website. There are a number of things that help create this character; for one thing, the food truck in the lounge downstairs is an actual container van!

Over 100 different lights in the communal area help to set a welcome atmosphere and a relaxed mood, in turn creating wonderful vibes between friends and strangers alike.

We believe that the bold, loud and colorful decor really helps to bring the fun out in people! Makati Junction Hostel also serves an all day breakfast, so allowing yourself to forget the time is encouraged.

4. Chill, drink, socialize (or work!)

It is important for Makati Junction Hostel to provide their guests with a memorable experience, and their ever present lively character certainly helps with this! The common areas are perfect for so many things; working, chilling out, drinking, eating and arranging a meet up before going out for the night.

Makati Junction Hostel is a perfect place for digital nomads.

Out of the 7 hostel types out there, the Makati Junction Hostel is certainly a lifestyle hostel.

There are soft couches, cozy hammocks, a TV room and a Filipino pool table to enjoy. And as for the café? Once you’re done enjoying a hot coffee for the day, expect the transformation into a bar to be an exciting one – local DJs visit, beer pong events are held and laid-back, social chill out time is welcome.

Did we mention it is open 24/7?! Tours, organized by the hostel staff, can be joined during your stay.

Digital Nomad Hostel - Makati Junction Hostel

5. Excellent team!

We’ve said it before, and we will say it again; the staff can really make or break a hostel. And for 5 star hostels in particular, we never settle for anything less than brilliant.

We never settle for anything less than brilliant.

Ratings on booking platforms are a good indication of performance, and the staff at Makati Junction Hostel sit very high.

Makati Junction Hostel - The hipster-vibe Co-Working Hostel in Manila This is the 3-Bed private room at Makati Junction Hostel

The people at Makati Junction Hostel are kind, passionate people with a good understanding of what makes customer service stand out.

If you’d like to book yourself on to a tour, or would like to find out their top recommendations during your trip, speak to one of the staff at hand – they’ll be sure to give you the best experience they can!

In a nutshell, Makati Junction is an outstanding hostel, and a perfect choice for accommodation in Manila. Enjoy!

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