Loosing the camera in a Hostel ? Not on my watch!

Losing the camera in a Hostel? Not on my watch!

Yawning, we stumbled off the night train stepping foot on new territory: Berlin. It was inevitable that we were real-life zombies. Night trains have never been my thing. We arrived at the hostel in Berlin (not the Wallyard Concept Hostel, the 5 Star Hostel, but a different one) before it was open, so we sat at the beautiful park across the street.

Shortly after 9am we walked into the office where a young man was working away on his computer. We assumed we were too early to check in but were hoping to drop our bags off and then find a coffee shop somewhere. However, he greeted us kindly and, perhaps taking pity on the bags under our eyes, worked some magic and snuck us into a cute private hostel room early. With much thanks we hopped into our beds and slept until the afternoon.

When I awoke from a fabulously long nap I realized my most prized possession, my DSLR camera, was missing. Frantically, I searched the room, the closets, under the bed, in the bathroom but it was nowhere to be found. Near tears, I raced out, heading towards the park we sat at earlier that morning thinking I may have left it there. I nearly pummeled the hostel worker who looked delighted to see me.

The young man waved me to his office while saying, “you left something behind”. He turned towards me with my camera bag in his hands,

“I figured you might need this”.

He smiled. I nearly burst into tears of gratitude. Thanking the man over and over again for all of his help today, I grasped my camera a little closer to me more happy than ever to have the privilege to take silly tourist photos of Berlin, my heart thankful for all the kind and honest people in this world.