Car or Giants Room? Creative Lollis Homestay in Dresden

Sleep in a Vintage Car, a true Piece of History – Lollis Homestay Hostel in Dresden

Let’s turn an old DDR car into a cosy bed. Or just shrink yourself like in the 80s movie „Honey, I shrunk the Kids“. Hi and Hello from Lollis Homestay Hostel, a creative, laid-back hostel, run by genuine backpackers.

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  • Location Advantage and Directions of Lollis Homestay

    We loved the location of Lollis Homestay as this is the real Dresden to experience! Lollis Homestay is located right in the center of the neighborhood of Neustadt, the home of artists and bohemian characters. Right around the corner you can find great restaurants, cheap eat-outs, bohemian cinemas, and plenty of art and street art.

    The location of Lollis Homestay is fabulous, directly in the bohemian center of Dresden

    Coming from the city center, Neustadt is on the opposite river side. It only takes 4 tram stops to get downtown to the major tourist sights. Either way, we recommend walking there at least once. You can explore the neighborhood, and will pass really cool, quirky cafés, bars and more.

    We found several cool things to do right next to Lollis Homestay. Just a 2-min walk away, there is the famous Musical Rain Water installation in the Kunsthofpassage. Is it raining? In that case, it’s your lucky day and you can enjoy a free „rain concert“:

    Also, we loved the old cinema of Thalia Cinema and their motto „cinema, coffee, and cigarettes“. The Thalia is a so-called „VO Cinema“ while VO stands for „Version Original“. They show independent movies from around the world. It is right around the corner of Lollis Hostel. Their website is only available in German, and you can check out their program once you arrive.

    Neustadt simply means „new town“. It is the students neighborhood and the most alive area in the city. Pubs, event-locations, cinemas, clubs and more are just around the corner. Bare this in mind when you come here.

    The hostel team always makes sure their guests understand that the area has an active nightlife. A noise tolerance may be required. However, when we stayed here, we didn’t have to tolerate any street noise. Just bare it in mind!

    Full Address: 📍 Lollis Homestay, Görlitzer Str. 34, 01099 Dresden, Germany
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Lollis Homestay is the cool hostel in Dresden for solo-traveler, and an authentic mirror of the city and neighborhood it’s nestled in. Alternative, unique and social from your very first step inside the hostel up to the highest floor.

Their common area on the first floor is the perfect hotspot to mingle, kick-back, and enjoy a social, friendly hostel vibe.

Here is a video showing you around the fun backpacker hostel in Dresden.

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Every single dorm and private room comes with a unique theme.

Creative friends of Lolli, the owner, put in their artistic senses to bring you a giants room, a dorm-cinema and even a so-called trabbi room, the most common vehicle in East Germany.

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The outdoor events at Lollis Homestay are perfect for mingling

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Lollis Homestay in Dresden in a REVIEW

Now, let us have a look together why we love Lollis Hostel.

We walk in, and are welcomed by a big smile behind a vintage piano, turned into a cool reception.

Shall we…?

1. Non-nuclear power discount (+ free bikes)

The Lollis Hostel opened its doors back in 2001.

And it doesn’t take two glances to see this hostel puts in the special effort.

Run by locals and designed by local artists, Lollis Homestay is a social hotspot for many locals and travelers.

Lollis Homestay und der berühmte Trabbi als Schlafzimmer

The living room and social hotspot at Lollis Homestay

2. Mosaic, upcycled Piano, and fun signs

The reception desk is an upcycled piano, turned into a cool, eye-catching welcome area.

And let us just say, this is only the beginning of the hostels cool design. The genuine backpacker alternative style is a mirror of the local, alternative, free spirit of Neustadt, the district the homestay is located in.

The hostel offers 17 rooms and every single one comes in a different, unique theme.

The main common area can be found directly on the first floor, while all rooms are separated upstairs.

Here is an introduction to the different hostel room types.

When we heard about this concept, we were absolutely curious.

What’s behind each door?

The 17 themes are unique and handmade. If you fancy any specific room, just mention it in your reservation. If availability allows, they’ll be happy to honor your small request.

So let us take a look into the different styles:

1. Spiral Room

Handmade wooden beds with spiral-elements and details such as a vintage lamp.

2. Egypt Room

The Egypt room is a double room with wall paintings, and handmade balloon lamps.

3. Desert Room

Painted wall in a simple desert theme and a cool wall mosaic from 1000 and 1 nights.

4. Princess Suite

5. Bubble Room

6. Orient Hall

7. 3D Wonderland

8. Movie Room

Movie lover? The movie room has a fun movie-theme, featuring a long film role all over the walls. It’s a small love story of a prince and princess, take a look at the photo below.

Another great detail we enjoy: The film striped lamp ensures the lighting in the room is special as well.

Find 13 more design ideas to steal borrow from hostels.

DIY film stripe lamps in the movie room at Lollis Homestay

9. Cinema Room
More Hostels have their very own cinemas:

  1. The Combo Hostel Bologna, Italy
  2. Stay Hostel in Rhodes, Greece
  3. Steel House, one of the best hostels in Copenhagen

However, there is a dorm which actually used to be their own small and cozy cinema.

Lollis Hostel and its own cinema dorm

10. Cell (single Room)

11. Bastis Room

12. Mosaic Room (with a flair of Gaudi’s Barcelona)

A flair of Gaudi's Barcelona in Dresden.

13. Women Dorm

The female-only dorm, for all the female travelers out there.

We took a close look at all the 7 pros and 3 cons of female dorms.

14. Religion Room

The religion room is a dorm, combining the world’s biggest religions in one place.

Lollis Hostel Religion Room

15. Borgeouis Room

16. + 17. Giants Room and Trabbi Room

These two rooms are our favorite ones. And this brings us directly to the 3rd criteria of a 5 Star Hostel: The uniqueness.

3. Sleep in a car in a hostel (re-live a movie from the 80s)

A trabant (called Trabbi) was the most common vehicle in East Germany, and it’s still today a symbol for the past days of East Germany.

The car was only produced until 1991.

They were extremely hard to get due to the planned economy system.

The famous Trabbi Room at Lollis Homestay

Lollis Homestay got hold of one of these rare models, and turned it into an artistic hostel room – even the lights still works.

A piece of history, a piece of art as your accommodation.

Another highlight we enjoy here is the Giants Room.

What’s up with that?

The designers built a giant couch, chair and table, and turned them into beds.

There is a double bed inside the giants’ table – literally! And the sofa accommodates two guests.

The Giants Room at Lollis Homestay

The Giants Room at Lollis Homestay

Do you remember the classic movie „Honey, I shrunk the Kids“ from the 80s? Well, this is how you’ll feel.

It is a great hostel to mingle with a big social heart.

And it’s their fun, creative side that makes it stand out for us again.

4. No technology in the common areas (no big groups)

Free dinners you should not miss at Lollis Homestay in Dresden

We noticed right away this special, cozy vibe.

When entering the lounge, left-hand side of the reception, you can easily mingle with travelers from all over the place.

There is a big sign encouraging travelers to keep their phones in their pocket, and laptops up in the rooms:

Please respect – computer free area!

The accommodation encourages their travelers and guests to actively get together and mingle.

They also decided not to accept any big group or school classes.

This is because groups can be quite attention-seeking, and it can make it hard for solo-travelers to connect.

Social and good vibes in Lollis Homestay's common area

How can you socialize at Lollis Homestay?

Join the common area and kitchen, this is the place to be.

Besides spontaneous events put together by the team, there are plenty of weekly events we highly recommend joining:

  • Monday: Barbecue: bring your steak, cheese or veggie burger, or whatever you want to grill and socialize! (valid from April to October)
  • Tuesday: “Ein Bier bitte!”. The accommodation also offers German basics in just 1 hour! (valid from April to October)
  • Wednesday: free vegetarian dinner (Mr. Meat-Lover will also like this one!)
  • Thursday: Night walk through the bar district of Dresden
  • Saturday: Scenic Adventure Night Walk to Lilienstein, a table mountain in the National Park close by, for €20 per person. The tour starts at 3am, and you’ll go by car to the National park “Saxon Switzerland”, climb the Lilienstein to see, admire and photograph the sunrise.
  • Sunday: free vegetarian dinner

The Saxon Switzerland tour, highly recommended to join at Lollis Homestay

5. Multilingual and top-rated, the staff

Walk in and you will be greeted with a smile.

The reception desk is an old piano turned into an iconic masterpiece.

The experienced receptionists speak several languages, and they basically know everything about Dresden.

Any questions about things to do?

Forget guidebooks, the receptionists are walking lonely planets with secret, local tips, and those cool hidden gems we all love.

Lollis Homestay team,Top-rated staff and walking guide books!

As always, at this point, also the online booking platforms confirm our first-hand experience.

Guests love to mention the special friendly atmosphere, supported by the hostel team.

Things to do in Dresden

What does the hostel offer? Here we made a quick overview of the facilities you can expect:

  • Free (old, but roadworthy) Bicycles
  • Free Wi-Fi and free laptop to use
  • fully-equipped guest kitchen (with free tea & coffee)
  • book exchange
  • free lockers
  • free walking tour guide-books
  • laundry service: instead of doing the laundry by your own, Lollis team will take care of it and bring it back to you – pretty handy!
  • 24 hours reception
  • late riser friendly: check out 12pm (who doesn’t love that?!)
  • tasty breakfast
  • For families and groups, there is a full apartment around the corner

Find here a complete guide to the best hostels in Dresden, Germany.

The hostel kitchen and dining area at Lollis Homestay

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