Wanna become Location-Independent? The best eBook to get started (in a review)

Do you want to work location-independent? We’ve been asked endless times how we are able to work location-independent. This eBook will give you a hand to follow Leah’s and ours journey.

This eBook about location-independence by Leah Davis from The Sweetest Way is perfect for everybody who is

  • considering the location-independent lifestyle
  • starting the journey of being a digital nomad
  • get your life back and manage your time on your own schedule

The eBook costs only $18.

Get your Life back NOW!

This eBook is interesting for…

…everybody getting started with location-independence!

In 81 pages, Leah covers the whole starting and advanced process on things you have to consider and evaluate before and during your journey to location independence.

Freedom through Location-independence

What do you get?

  1. Introduction
    The intro covers the very basics from what is location-independence, to a self-evaluation, and early mistakes to avoid.
  2. Getting Started
    Leah walks you through the starting process and gives you detailed information of the myth around Passive Income. After that, she goes into the details of how to build an online presence.
  3. Lessons from the Road (our favorite part)
    1. Income Streams
    2. investing (in yourself)
    3. the power of networking
    4. interviews with 4 different location-independent entrepreneurs
  4. Logistics and Planning
    finances, doubts and fears, choosing the right destinations for digital nomads, and more.

The included interviews

Location-Independent eBook

For us, especially this part is super interesting. Personally, we love to read and listen to other entrepreneurs. Those interviews are pure gold:

1. Aleena Rooyakker shares insights of how she made it as a health and fitness coach.

2. JohnnyFD talks about affiliate marketing and how to get the most out of it.

3. Our friend Gloria from TheBlogAbroad introduces you to the world of professional travel blogging without selling-out

4. The last interview partner is us, Anna&Matt aka. Hostelgeeks. We talk about quality vs quantity, our typical work day and how we made our first $.

Curious how our journey began?

In our interview we also dive into the details on making money online and how to get started.

This is a great resource to get you on the right track.

Get your Ebook Copy now


  • Blogging 101 – Leah’s best blogging advice, no fluff
  • Pinterest Strategies & Secrets – How to be a Pinterest rockstar, and why every online business needs it
  • How I Make Money as a Freelancer & Blogger – A detailed account of all the ways I’ve ever made money online, including stories that have never been shared on the blog
  • Bonus Chapter – The EXACT freelancing contract I used when onboarding new clients

Last thoughts

If you are planning to start a side hustle, this ebook is the best way to get started. Get an idea how we do it, and how so many people are already doing it.

Another starting kit is this guide on how to start a side hustle.

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