So you are heading to Ljubljana, Slovenia? There are so many awesome and fun things to do in Ljubljana, Slovenia. We created this secret guide to give you access to the best activities we've enjoyed here.

On top of that, here are the 3 top things to do in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

For some of these activities you HAVE to get your ticket in advance. Don't miss this!

Heading to Ljubljana in Slovenia? Keep reading! You have just come to the right place to get 5 awesome insider tips for Ljubljana! We’ll introduce you to great street food, a hip riverside café with brew coffee a sleek backstreet bar, and more!

Here is a confession: we are no expert for Ljubljana, but we know just the right person! Together with our friend and blogger Duncan Rhodes, editor-in-chief of Urban Travel Blog, we are proud to share with you 5 insider tips Ljubljana. Duncan run a successful blogger campaign, introducing his followers to the beauty of Ljubljana.

Ljubljana, the beautiful Slovenian capital, was voted European Green Capital for 2016. Its leafy riverbanks and parks, together with the gentle pace of its Old Town, make it one of the most relaxing city breaks on the continent.

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What do you get? Following Ljubljana travel tips:

  1. A cultural classic that turns out very lively with concerts and all-night long clubs
  2. A hip riverside cafe with home-roasted and cold brew coffee
  3. Concerts and events at fresco
  4. An awesome street terrace for sipping cocktails in the sun
  5. Willing to try some street food? We got you covered!

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Hostel Celica: Former prison, now 5 Star Hostel

Have you ever slept in a former prison? The Hostel Celica is the 5 Star Hostel in Ljubljana and the place to be. Hostel Celica is a former prison which has been turned into a Hostel. Transformation is the name of the game here. It has a lot of free space and prison bars only on windows and doors of the cells. Interesting, huh?

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Hostel Celica in Ljubljana - a former prison turned into a 5 Star Hostel

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