Curious to discover some secret Leuven tips? You have come just to the right place, so keep reading to get some unique 5 secret tips for Leuven! We teamed up with the fabulous team of Cube Hostel Leuven, the 5 Star Design Hostel in town. The Cube team knows Leuven like the back of their hand. Therefore, we are keen to share with you these secret Leuven tips.

Let’s talk about the secret Leuven tips! The Cube Hostel team and we are proud to share with you these 5 unique recommendations plus an extra tip. We’ll lead you to a flemish restaurant, a rooftop terrace to taste Belgium craft beer, an amazing brunch place and more! And FYI, we also have 5 Secret tips for Ghent and 5 Secret tips for Rotterdam. Might be interesting for you as well.

Leuven is the capital of the province of Flanders, Belgium. Not really a surprise, Leuven has a rich beer culture, and it is known for being the birthplace of several beers. Neither surprising: Leuven also has lots of bars priding themselves in offering a wide variety of local and international beers. One bar offers even more than 3000 different beers – cheers to that!

5+1 Leuven Tips outside the Tourist Box

We keep our geeky guides outside of the touristic box – wanna check it out? Download the Leuven tips here for free! No strings attached, only unique recommendations!

Let us introduce you to following travel tips Leuven:

  1. A flemish restaurant to enjoy the local cuisine (vegan dishes available)
  2. Turn into an artist: art place with great coffee
  3. Get a delicious Belgium craft beer combined with amazing view from this rooftop terrace
  4. Hipster place to get the best brunch with your friends
  5. A local Leuven tip for a restaurant? We got you covered!

Extra Tip Leuven: How to get the best of the city during Summer!? We will show you!

Cube Hostel, the 5 Star Hostel in Leuven

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Cube Hostel Leuven, the 5 Star Design Hostel

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