Lemon Rock Granada - Vintage 5 Star Hostel & Bar

The Lemon Rock Granada, Spain – Vintage Hostel & Bar with a Soul Made of Music

Welcome to Lemon Rock Granada, a brand new Hostel featuring a vintage style, with a deep passion for music. We at Hostelgeeks are keen to finally announce a top Hostel in Granada, awarded with the 5 Star Hostel award - unique to Hostelgeeks.com.

The infobox on Lemon Rock Granada ⭐

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Update: Lemon Rock is no longer a hostel, but a cool restaurant & bar instead.

The old saying “music brings us together” couldn’t be more true than at the Lemon Rock Granada.

You’ll notice how critical music is to the soul of the Lemon hostel as soon as you step foot inside the front door.

There are records lining the walls to the right of the front desk and Lemon Rock Granada guitar picks available for purchase to the left.

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Music is the magic word at Lemon Rock, and this is where the live music takes place

The bar fills with locals and travelers alike for the really cool music, whether from a live band playing or via a curated playlist in the mornings.

“It feels like you’re in a hip Brooklyn café or bar when you hear the Smiths, the Cure, Tom Petty, Blur, Chuck Berry and David Bowie over your morning coffee.”

– Ashley, Hostelgeeks Contributor

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Have a seat at those stylish red boss chair

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Lemon Rock Granada in a Review

What makes the Lemon Rock Granada so special? What can you experience at Lemon Rock Granada?

Let us have a detailed look the best hostel in Granada.

1. Sustainable Practices Support Locals

Lemon Rock Granada goes above and beyond to support local artisans and businesses from Granada.

All of the beds have been hand-made by a local carpenter.

You can rest easy at night knowing that your stay is supporting the community.

The records lining the wall next to the reception?

They’re all for sale!

Carlos, the hostel manager, is a huge music lover and sells them on behalf of a local record shop, Marcapasos.

You can enjoy the music of local musician Alberto Fer, who typically plays in front of the Cathedral but plays at Lemon Rock Granada on acoustic night.

Live Music at Lemon Rock Granada

The Bar! Would you have a drink here at Lemon Rock Hostel?

Even the flyers for their frequent events are printed at a local print shop so the community benefits from the hostels’ events in more ways than one.

Of course the kitchen supports local business as well.

You’ll find the chef has included many local dishes typical of Granada and Andalusia like salmorejo and carpaccio de bacalao y gambas.

The Chef’s specials change based on what’s fresh and high quality!

There are many delicious vegetarian and vegan options, all made with veggies grown in nearby Vega of Granada.

If you prefer meat, the chicken and eggs also come from Granada.

The fish has been fished the night before from the Mediterranean Sea!

Pretty cool upcycled furniture at the entrance of Lemon Rock Granada

Most of the products used in the kitchen are biologic products bought within the neighborhood.

All of this in addition to the typical recycling of glasses, papers and plastics that is expected for a 5 Star Hostel.

2. Original Details and Vintage Design

The foundation of Lemon Rock Hostels design is a 300 year old Andalusian house in the center in Granada.

Take a look at the wooden beams in the courtyard and the stone columns.

These are all actually original to the house!

On the column in front of the elevator, you can find a 200 year old graffiti carved into the stone.

Modern, yet vintage. The unique combo at Lemon Rock Granada

The green window in the dining area is original to the house as well and decorated with happy plants.

The rest of the downstairs has a perfect mix of vintage and modern with up-cycled accessories and fixtures.

The couches and cabinets are from the 60’s mixed with industrial lighting.

The mix of materials means the space lends itself to a variety of uses for the typical traveler.

You’ll find a backpacker researching their trip using the super-fast WiFi and travelers chatting with locals at the bar.

The rooftop terrace pulls in the same upcycle design elements with tables created from local beer crates.

Enjoy the sun on the terrace with a good book or chat with other travelers on the comfortable couches!

The Lemon Rock Hostel has also a stylish roof top terrace - Cocktail anyone?

Cozy common area at Lemon Rock Granada

The hostel rooms themselves are modern with crisp white walls and solid wooden beds, hand-made in Granada.

Lemon Rock Hostel clearly understands the modern travelers’ needs- each bed has its own light, plug, shelf, and locker.

You won’t miss any instas of The Alhambra in the morning with a fully charged phone!

The Dorms at Lemon Rock Hostel are spacious

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The bathrooms feature modern concrete floors and clean subway tiles that mimic the patterns found in London or Paris.

Female dorms with bathrooms have hairdryers and mirrors so you can look your best while strolling through the Albayzín.

Find out more about the pros and cons of female dorms here.

Comfortable beds and pillows ensure you’ll get a good night’s sleep.

Let the sun enter! The dorm in the 2nd floor at Lemon Rock Granada

3. Locals Love It Too – The Uniqueness

The commitment to mixing cultures and people is what makes this hostel unique!

The music in the bar area brings everyone together, head bopping and whistling tunes while enjoying a drink.

At one table, you’ll find a couple on a date, at another – a group of friends chatting about their day and at another- a backpacker who just arrived and is planning out their trip to The Alhambra.

It’s really unique to find a place that so many different people enjoy!

The owner even added a large communal table where people can mingle.

This is unusual for Granada since almost all local restaurants have one table per party.

On a trip to Germany the owner noticed how communal tables really added an element of fun and sharing and had to bring that concept back to Lemon Rock Granada.

4. Travelers and Locals Mingle Over Tunes

Carlos, the general manager, described how he wants everyone from a local college student to a backpacker to feel comfortable in the hostel.

Chat up a local while you’re here!

The people of Granada are extremely friendly and are happy to socialize with a traveler.

Enjoying the Lemon Rock Granada, enjoying the Lemon Rock Bar

On Monday nights, there is an English language exchange where locals come to Lemon Rock Granada to practice their English over a drink.

Even the Granada language schools recommend their students come here to practice their English!

The main social pull of Lemon Rock Hostel however is bonding over the amazing live music you’ll find downstairs most nights.

Everything from acoustic rock, to jazz, to more folk style.

You’re likely to meet other travelers appreciating the saxophone and bass from the jazz trio when you sit at the communal table with a beer.

Talking about backpacker music, we also collected backpacker songs to knock off your socks.

Stay in style - Lemon Rock Hostel is a true 5 Star Hostel

5. Passionate and Helpful Staff

The staff truly cares about making Lemon Rock Granada a paradise for travelers and locals to mingle and enjoy their day and night.

The staff are locals so you know they have useful information for travelers!

When they’re stumped, the staff doesn’t just sit back and say they don’t know – Carlos texted his friends to find a recommendation!

That’s commitment to a good stay.

The Dorms at Lemon Rock Hostel are spacious

Carlos and team are also extremely open to feedback about your stay!

Since Lemon Rock Granada is a fairly new hostel, they make sure to ask how they can make your stay better and will carefully consider your feedback.

The high quality and numerous mirrors and hair dryers are a result of feedback from some of the first female travelers.

Our packing list for Hostels is your powerful resource.

Make sure you know what you HAVE to pack.

The staff aren’t afraid to make changes to make Lemon Rock Hostel the best place to stay!

Overall, Lemon Rock Granada began as a dream and the owner and staff aim to fulfill that dream daily with soulful music and heart.

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