We learned our lesson in Seville's bull ring

We learned our lesson in Seville’s bull ring

It was whilst standing staring at the golden sand of the bull ring in the city of Sevilla, Spain that our sun burnt legs decided that they had had enough for the day and gave up on us.

The remainder of our tour of the site was an informative half hour of agony. The day before we had decided to spend the day sunbathing on a deserted island near Faro, Portugal and as it was windy we had forgone all sun protection.

The result was clear when we awoke the next day transformed into two lobsters. However, we only had one full day in Sevilla and were determined to make the most of it.

The beauty of the Alcazar and grandeur of the Cathedral served as a tonic for the pain, not to mention the amazing tapas! It was only towards the end of the day at the bull ring that we were reminded how foolish we had been.  Top tip for Seville: Remember your Sun Cream!

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