Speechless in Khao Sok: No WiFi, No TV, and electricity for only a few hours at night

Speechless in Khao Sok: No WiFi, No TV, and electricity for only a few hours at night

After spending four days in the craziness of Bangkok, we set off on the very long and smelly train journey to Surat Thani, Thailand.

I was so glad to arrive in Surat.

The smell from the toilets and even though we had pull down beds, I was constantly whacking my head off the top of the bed (if anyone reading this has done the journey and they are over 6feet tall they will understand) every time the train hit a bump. And trust me there are a lot of bumps.

When the train arrives, it is not like at home.

There was no call of which stop you were arriving at. You had to do a quick run to find a worker on the train, hoping he understood what you said, grab your bag and jump off.

After a quick snack, we jumped on the minibus and headed to the National Park Khao Sok.

On arrival, we jumped into a long tail boat, within minutes of the boat setting off I was sat there in amazement.

It’s not often I have been left speechless, but Khao Sok had done it.

While on the way to the floating raft houses I must have taken about 50 photos.

As soon as we arrived, our bags were straight in the room and we went for a swim in the fresh lake. Going from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok to this place made you appreciate it even more: no wifi, no TV and electricity for only a few hours at night.

And the food, let’s say, the fish is very fresh. A paradise!

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