The Jugglers Rest – Fairytale meets Circus in New Zealand

Clear the ring for amazing artists and relaxed travelers! Step into the little paradise of Jugglers Rest in Picton and enjoy some time out. New Zealand's first ever 5 Star Hostel comes with an extra artistic vibe.

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  • Location advantage and Neighborhood of Jugglers Rest

    Jugglers Rest is situated in Picton – a small charming town that you will pass through if you travel by ferry between the North and South Islands.
 Located in the beautiful Queen Charlotte Sound it offers a wide range of outdoor activities.

    From the hostel you can walk or cycle many local tracks and paths, including the Queen Charlotte Track, one of New Zealand's iconic tracks. You can also hire a kayak or enjoy an unforgettable swim with dolphins.

    If you need a rest there are plenty of beaches, coves and rivers around to take a dip, undisturbed nap or secluded picnic.

    The hostel is located just 15 minutes walk from the ferry and bus terminal, which are also next to the town centre.

    It’s close enough to wander to the supermarket or some bars and restaurants, but far enough away to enjoy a silent night's sleep.

    Full Address: 📍 Jugglers Rest, 8 Canterbury St, Picton 7220, New Zealand
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Located in the charming town of Picton in the “Heart of the Marlborough Sounds”, Jugglers Rest is the perfect spot for hiking, relaxing and watching artistic performances.

A last warning before you enter – The risk of falling in love with this enchanting hostel is high and you may find yourself staying much longer than planned….

But whatever happens: Keep calm and juggle on!

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Juggle on at Jugglers Rest

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The Jugglers Rest in Picton in Review

We are keen to introduce you to The Jugglers Rest, located in Picton, New Zealand.

The first 5 Star Hostel in New Zealand reminded us a bit of The Spot Cosy Hostel in Cluj.

Follow our journey of art, through an organic garden and fairytale circus.

1. Free range eggs, organic vegetables and herb garden

Sustainability starts early in the morning at Jugglers Rest.

Begin the day with a free-range eggs and support a chicken’s happiness!

You can also add some free organic fresh fruits into your muesli, plus the tasty herb garden is at your disposal.

While you enjoy your relaxed start to the day the team is already busy with an Eco-friendly-clean of this beautiful villa.

The washing loves to hang outside in the sun or under cover lines.

They also stocks eco-friendly hand-made soap for guests to use.

Barbacue time at Jugglers Rest Hostel

And of course, everything gets recycled!

No worries if recycling in New Zealand is new and mysterious to you, the team is happy to get you on board with all their sustainability efforts on your arrival.

Maintenance work on the charming villa also has recycling in mind with many of the beautiful timbers and fittings being rescued from demolition yards and then stripped, sanded and rebuilt back to their former glory for a second life.

2. Fairytale meets circus

The special feeling that you get from Jugglers Rest begins as soon as you walk through its handmade, stained glass embedded, front gate.

Upon entering, you will find yourself underneath a ‘big top’ of green leaves and sun-kissed grapes with the beautiful Heritage-Listed villa peeking from a surround of lovely flowers, relaxed guests in hammocks, laughter and lots of juggling toys!

Get cozy at Jugglers Rest Hostel in Picton

But not just the outside is full of lovely handmade decoration – also the inside welcomes you with cosy rooms and a warmly designed living and kitchen space.

Everything is made with great attention to detail so it won’t be hard to feel at home.

Here are +13 design ideas you can steal borrow from hostels.

3. Circus performances, comedy gigs, and fire shows (unique)

  • Free concerts
  • circus performances
  • fire shows
  • comedy gigs

That’s what days in Jugglers Rest are made of.

The strong performing artist connection makes Jugglers Rest unique.

Over the last 20 years it has developed as a platform for sharing, learning and experimenting.

Hey Bro – you like playing with fire?

Here you can without getting into trouble and learn fire performance within a few days.

The staff are trained, qualified and sufficiently experienced to guide people through these special performances in a safe, but most importantly fun way.

Fire performance at Jugglers Rest Picton New Zeland

If that’s way too hot for you, there are plenty of other exciting alternatives to try your hand at.

Arouse your circus skills with hula hoops, poi and the slack line or learn to play the guitar, there will always be somebody around to have fun with!

You can also learn from sponsored artists visiting from all over the world and enjoy free workshops as they also pass through this fun house.

So be warned – you might leave that place with a smile in your face and a hula hoop around your hips….

4. Homely atmosphere – the social vibes

The beautiful cosy villa and the welcoming staff make Jugglers Rest a home away from home.

The centre of the house is the living room and well stocked kitchen (over 30 spices!) with a big wooden table.

There you can eat together, make plans for the next day or relax in front of the fire with a good book.

You will never get the feeling of a packed hostel, as there is a maximum of just 16 guests.

Details at Jugglers Rest Picton New Zeland

This provides a homely and intimate atmosphere that can be so hard to find.

No TV will disturb you and limited WiFi will help you plan your next trip without the temptation of spending hours in front of youtube.

This hostel is a wonderful example of what a hostel is all about.

Here you can find +12 hostel definitions.

It’s not a hostel to spend time with the wifi, but with people!


Also there is no easier way to get into a conversation than throwing a juggling ball to someone while trying to become a new rising circus artist!

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5. Nikki and Bruce are your ring leaders

Last but not least, it is the staff giving the hostel its cosy vibes. It is the last criteria of a 5 Star Hostel.

Nikki and Bruce are your ring leaders at Jugglers Rest.

They are the heart of the hostel and are keen to share their little paradise with guests from all over the world.

Both of them have traveled extensively – so they know what a traveler needs.

They have a lot of tips on what to do around Picton and always make time for a chat.

Nikki is a professional and very talented circus performer specializing in fire performance and can also show you how to swing a poi with finesse or to eloquently move a hula hoop with your hips.

Just relax at Jugglers Rest Picton NZ

Bruce has performed professionally in over a dozen countries and will have you in stitches of laughter with his amazing comedic talent, that is when he’s not busy sharing his love of music through his song and guitar skills.

Keep calm at Jugglers Rest Picton

Both of them are passionate about their work and they will bring a smile to your face with their special sense of humor.

From time to time they have quality helpers from all over the world who get the ethos and give them a hand to keep the place like it is.

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