So you are heading to Berlin, Germany? There are so many awesome and fun things to do in Berlin, Germany. We created this secret guide to give you access to the best activities we've enjoyed here.

On top of that, here are the 3 top things to do in Berlin, Germany.

For some of these activities you HAVE to get your ticket in advance. Don't miss this!

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Anyway, back to our secret tips and things to do in Berlin, Germany.

When you are Backpacking Europe, there is no way you can skip visiting Berlin.

It is very affordable, super stylish, and loaded with world’s history.

Is it even the most important city in the 20ths century?

Let’s talk about the best FUN things to do in Berlin.

Most of the time we are seriously bored by regular city guides, especially for such big cities like the German capital.

Do you agree? Here is a solution!

We have been several times to Berlin, and of course we stayed at Wallyard Concept Hostel, the 5 Star Hostel in Berlin.

We are lucky to say: we have many friends living in Berlin.

Thanks to our local friends we know Berlin quite well. This is why we created the secret guide.

Get an idea of the local life in Berlin

If you are familiar with the Berlin vibe, you already know how international the German capital is.

Trust us when we say, Berlin is not the place to experience a typical German city.

Noooooo, not at all!

BUT we don’t say this to be mean, just to be clear.

Berlin is a combination of very, very different districts with cultures from all over the world, just like London and Paris!

This is why we have chosen to show you places in different areas.

In this guide we will introduce you to a super hip restaurant, a designish bar with live-music, monkeys, how to do kitesurfing in the inner city, and more.

Loaded with Fun Berlin Tips:

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We share with you … :

  1. Brunch in the morning, live music in the evening: Our favorite bar in all Berlin
  2. a super local restaurant, located at the river bank and close to Wallyard Concept Hostel
  3. a stylish bar to enjoy a drink and the nightlife
  4. not a beautiful, but awesome artistically recommendation – typical Berlin events to join for free
  5. Kitesurfing in the inner city? Let us explain!

EXTRA: 5 Basic recommendations for the first-timer in Berlin:

We added these extra recommendations to give you the very basic introduction to Berlin.

They may seem redundant to the experience traveler.

However, if you are traveling the first time to Berlin, you will appreciate these tips.

  1. A free tour to join – our personal recommendation!
  2. Art meets history – okay okay, this one is the East Side Gallery: Seriously, do NOT miss this one!
  3. How not to miss and book a free attraction ahead of time
  4. Two more must-visits – whatever you do in Berlin, you cannot miss these two things + east side gallery
  5. Some thoughts about Public Transport?

The Wallyard Concept Hostel in Berlin is a 5 Star Hostel

As mentioned at the beginning we have been several times to Berlin.

We checked out several hostels in this time.

The last time we stayed at the new Hostel in town: Wallyard Concept Hostel!

This accommodation a a stylish Boutique Hostel, combining an industrial design with the hipster vibe of Berlin.

This hostel is not just super stylish. It is also 100% Berlin-like, run by a German-Turkish family, making it even more typical Berlin!

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Wallyard Concept Hostel in Berlin

All Insider Tips Berlin put on a map

Seriously, still curious?

What else do we need to do that you trust us?

Well, here are all our insider tips Berlin put on a map.

As you can see, all our Berlin recommendations are spread all over the city.

You will get an idea of the different districts of the German capital.

Insider Tips Berlin - a unique guide

Hostel Packing List

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