I was moping in my French-speaking-blues on the metro en route to the 7th arrondissement. I decided to exit and walk off my foul mood. As I departed, I heard a mixture of laughter and Irish-accented bickering from an elderly couple in front of the metro map. I established they believed their destination was, “sortie,” which means, “exit” in French, much to my amusement.

I located their hotel and guided them. They were exhausted and I left them to recuperate on a park bench. I proceeded trying on expensive boots. Flustered, the man interrupted asking me to find his vanished wife. As I approached the bench, she was just as I left her. The man returned, holding a shoebox in his hands. My heart pooled over with gratitude when I saw the boots.

Life is only as fantastic as the enthusiasm of your attitude and willingness to help others.

– – –

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