Hualien Wow Hostel in Taiwan - Industrial Design with interactive pictures

Hualien Wow Hostel in Taiwan – Industrial Design meets 3D Art in a small coast town

Are you in the need for that WOW factor? Look no further and let us welcome you to our 5 Star Hostel, Hualien Wow Hostel, in Hualien City, Taiwan. If you love you art, or appreciate the creativity of others, you will be impressed by just walking around. And that’s before you even step foot in the bedrooms! Wow means home in Chinese, and this is how it feels like. A visit by Hostelgeeks.

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Besides Hualien Wow Hostel you can also enjoy their brother-hostels Ximen Wow Hostel and Beimen Wow Poshtel in Taipei.

We don’t want to give too much away too soon, but here’s a little teaser: if you’ve ever wished, as a traveling couple, that you could stay together without the hefty price of a private room – now you can!

Sit and relax at Hualien Wow hostel

With wonderful events on offer, a spacious social area to relax in and multilingual staff that will make you feel at home, Hualien Wow Hostel really is the place to be.

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Bunk bed with a view in Hualien Wow hostel

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Hualien Wow Hostel is a best hostel in Hualien, because…

Are you as intrigued as we were?

Ok then, let’s kick off our shoes and explore the reasons behind why this is the place on where to stay in Hualien.

1. Support the locals, 35 years old Hotel

This hostel has been remodeled from an old hotel with 35 years of history, to an eye-catching and quirky accommodation.

Hualien Wow Hostel is locally managed and they have done well to team up with local tour operators.

This is wonderful, because it means their guests get the best deal for day trips.

So, if you fancy snorkeling, diving, cycling and/or rafting, chat with the staff and book on to a trip. It’s even more rewarding when you know you are helping to support the local people and economy.

Make new friends at Hualien Wow Hostel

It’s the little things that support Hualien Wow Hostel’s sustainability efforts.

For example, some of the rooms at the hostel have free toiletries and slippers – a sure way to make you feel at home! Plus the fact you can forget to pack your toiletries.

Cool, uh?

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2. Industrial design involving nature

When you walk in to the reception area of Hualien Wow Hostel, you will immediately agree that the design of this place is just, well, awesome!

It is a mix of concrete walls, stone and wood elements, old container doors and even a jungle-styled fountain.

Welcome to Hualien Wow Hostel in Hualien, Taiwan

There is a spacious communal area, with a large wooden table perfect for mingling, enjoying a good meal, sitting down to write those all important emails – you name it!

Not only that, but you will find sofa corners and an in-house cafe.

Whatever you do whilst you are inside, make sure you admire the decor.

The owner executes a passion for travel, experience and a serious love of nature. The main concept of the design theme is to be “green, thoughtful and full of warm temperature”.

Views from Hualien Wow Hostel terrace

Look around and see lush plants, wooden furniture and nature-themed ornaments, and you will agree that the concept has been implemented perfectly.

Let’s move on to the available rooms.

The modern design of concrete walls and wood continue throughout, and the ready-made beds with soft, white linen really compliment it. Each dorm bed is separated by your very own curtain, and no longer do you have to creek your way to bed.

Say goodbye to the awful bunk ladder, and say hello to cute wooden stairways.

Awesome double bunk bed at Hualian Wow Hostel

Oh and get this, there are dorm rooms with double beds available! You can sleep together with your partner in a dorm. We hope this is a trend that will soon take off among hostels.

There is also the option for a private room (including suspended beds) and super luxurious family rooms with a big TV and a hot tub!

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Comfy double room at Hualien Wow hostel

Bath tub at Hualien Wow Hostel

3. Enjoy the scenery around from the comfort

After reading #point 2 it is hard to believe that Hualien WOW Hostel could get any better, right?

Well, wait for it!

It is named Wow for a reason, after all.

First, wow obviously summarizes the impression, but most of all: Wow means home in Chinese.

The owners at Hualien believe that many travelers come here to enjoy the beautiful scenery around. Rightly so, but why not also ensure this scenery can be enjoyed from the comfort of Hualien Wow Hostel?

Relax at Hualien Wow Hostel in Hualien, Taiwan

A very talented artist has created 7 priceless and unique scenes on each staircase of the hostel.

Some of the paintings are 3D and allow for interaction, and others are unbelievably lifelike. This is the perfect spot for your instagram shots; very instagramable!

Many hostels are so instagramable.

Check out the kitchen also.

It is another big space to allow for group cooking, and guess what; the food in the fridge is free!

The only downside to this is choosing between venturing out to a local restaurant and rummaging in the fridge to see what you can rustle up.

The only way around that is to stay for a few extra nights.

If you love Hualien Wow Hostel as much as we do, write a postcard and tell you family and friends.

There is a post-box in the social area for your convenience, in case you were wondering.

4. Spaces and activities to get together

It should be clear from the interior of this stunning hostel that the nature of Taiwan is taken very seriously.

Thanks to the well-designed social areas and rooms, Hualien Wow Hostel brings together traditional Taiwan and designated space for people to get together.

Info point at Hualien Wow hostel

Whilst you the traveller can be acquainted with the beauty of Taiwan, you can also get to know other guests by booking a trip with the hostel.

Have a look on the cool things to do in Hualien; exciting trips are listed under spring, summer, autumn and winter – so you know there are exciting things to keep you occupied, no matter what time of year you pay a visit.

Lets cook at Hualien Wow Hostel

Don’t forget about the free food in the fridge to help create some happy, homely vibes – but we don’t think you’ll struggle!

5. Staff on top of the game

As always, staff is a crucial cog in the running of a hostel, and they really make the difference between a good experience and a fabulous one.

Hualien Wow Hostel’s staff is on top of the game!

All of the friendly faces you see around Hualien Wow Hostel are passionate and know the city like the back of their hand.

They are also multilingual, so don’t be shy to approach them with questions.

In fact, make sure you talk to the staff before exploring the city – they will be happy to help you out!

No doubt they will know of ‘hidden secrets’ that will take you off the beaten track.

Also important: keep an eye on the blackboard for upcoming events with staff and other guests.

Say Hello! Hualien Wow hostel staff

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