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A lot of fun and interesting stories happen as well at Hostels! Ready for some Hostel Stories to enjoy a good laugh and “oooohhhh“-yourself out? We prepared some beautiful anecdotes for you.

Hostels are about people, they are full of life! At Hostels people get together, share a window of their life time, and maybe some food as well! We present you short stories from, at, and with Hostels – from funny, crazy, weird, over to maybe even life-changing stories?

Great Hostel Stories in less than 30 seconds

We collected these anecdotes from our readers and 5 Star Hostels. Same as the Short Travel Stores, these stories are kept short, readable in less than 30 seconds! Jump in and read beautiful Hostel Stories from all over the world.

If you want even more great hostel stories, check out this Reddit about best stories at hostels. Get some popcorn, it is a hilarious fun read! Curious what is a hostel in the first place? We help you to find out.

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When your hostel burns down ...

When your hostel burns down …

Back in 2014, my girlfriend and I were staying at a nice hostel in Almaty, Kazakhstan. We met a few select cool people. On the second last day of being in Almat...