A Hostel Sex Story: He warned us, but we didn't wanna believe him!

A Hostel Sex Story from Barcelona: He warned us, but we didn’t wanna believe him!

I was backpacking with one friend during the summer of 2016. We were in Ibiza and we were heading to Barcelona (here are our 23 fun things to do in Barcelona) the next day. So we looked for a hostel in Barcelona to stay in. The next day when we arrived to Barcelona we were very tired of one week partying in Ibiza so we didn’t want to go out that night.

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In the evening we meet 2 guys from Australia that were in our room.

We started talking about our trips and we got along very good. They invited us to go out that night but we didn’t go because we were very tired.

After a while of hanging out with them, before they went out partying one of them told us:

“Hey guys, please don’t get mad if I have sex in the room this night”.

Obviously my friend and I told him “No, don´t worry, have fun!”. But we never thought is was actually going to happen.

So we went to sleep after a while and around 3:00 AM I heard someone was coming to the room. I noticed it was one of the guys with a girl, and they sounded wasted and start talking very quietly. After a while I started to hear them kissing and laughing in a flirty way. Then I started hearing weird noises and the bed moving, so I was like “Shi**” is actually happening!“.

I decided to put my headphones on and try to sleep even if it was difficult.

The next day I asked my friend and he told me he also heard and that it was uncomfortable for him too. Before we checked out from the hostel we saw the guy and told him. And he was like “sorry guys I hope you understand, and I have to say I warned you“.

Nowadays my friend and I laugh when we remember, but in the moment it was very uncomfortable.

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