Hostel Ole Alicante will do everything in their power to provide that home-away-from-home feeling. But that isn’t to say new experience and excitement is lost. At Hostel Ole in Alicante you can join tours or explore at your leisure; the staff are eager to help either way.

Just as in The Lemon Rock in Granada, staff have a commitment to find the best recommendation for the traveler.

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Based on transparent criteria we bring you the one fantastic hostel per destination you will love: sustainable, in a design-conscious, unique and social environment. North of Alicante you can find Valencia Lounge Hostel, the Boutique Hostel in Valencia.

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We even included an itinerary with map. It will help you backpacking Spain and even Portugal.


Best Hostels in Alicante in review

This industrial style hostel suits every traveler, from the active friends to relaxed couples.

You’ll have to visit and check out the quirky rooms to see what we mean.

In fact, let us introduce to you Hostel Ole Alicante. Pack your backpack the right way with our hostel packing list and hit the road…

1. Sustainable – Family-run and local collaborations

Sustainability; it tells you a lot about the character of a hostel and accommodation.

Hostel Ole Alicante does not let us down when it comes to sustainability. Their family business concept runs on the proud fact that almost all of their employees are family members of the owners. Alongside this, they have strong connections with local businesses, collaborating with restaurants, laundry services, 24hr convenient stores and barber shops.

No doubt this is a positive thing for guests!

Inside the hostel itself, effort has gone into ensuring electricity usage is controlled. Automatic light switches to the rescue! This is the perfect way to minimize consumption, protecting the environment and avoiding those mouth-open-moments when you realize you left the bathroom light on all day.

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Spanish culture is (or definitely should be) enjoyed by all – let Ole Alicante involve you further.

Thanks to the aforementioned collaboration, and a close connection with Spanish schools, guests can take Spanish courses during their stay.

Live music is also provided by family members, so keep a look out. Do you play the guitar or Ukulele? Just join in!

In our packing list we recommend to pack your hobby such as a Ukulele.

2. Quirky and cozy home comfort

You’ll be amazed at the design of Ole Alicante Hostel from the minute you walk through the door – quite literally. The staff do well to decorate the entrance to match the local festival(s) in Alicante happening at that time, cool huh?

A great festival in Alicante to join is the The Hogueras de San Juan. The fire-art will amaze you!

The 5 Star Hostel follows a industrial style, using natural materials such as wood, iron and bricks to create a quirky, yet cosy surrounding.

What’s nice is that they have kept the tables simple, allowing for more attention on the brick walls and Edison light globes.

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The bar is made of brick too, but they have added some variety by covering it with wood. This represents simplicity and home comfort. It really works! To add some personality, vintage elements have been added for decoration.

There is a small library for the bookworms amongst you – a perfect place to leave your finished book and pick up a new one.

This way many books travel around the world.

We at Hostelgeeks also left books at different hostels around the world, for instance at WE_Bologna Hostel.

For the musically talented, be sure to check out the instrument corner. Both cleverly designed as a great way to meet new friends!

3. Family atmosphere aka. home-away-from-home

The staff at Hostel Ole Alicante understand what it means to be away from home.

They adore a family atmosphere, and so have done all they can to create that home-away-from-home feeling here. As a means to get to know each and every guest, time is taken in learning everyones names.

If you enjoy sharing your stories, the staff will surely be happen to listen!

Before you know it, a family home is created.

Expect a prompt response to any query you may have.

Of course, the staff are passionate about Alicante, Spain and more importantly the Spanish language.

So, if you’re a keen linguist, allow your new patient family to teach you the basic sentences – it will help you during your stay, for sure!


When deciding on room availability, the owners were careful to create accommodation for a variety of people. Rooms with 2, 4, 6, 8 and an impressive 12 beds are for the choosing.

This way, both adventure lovers, solo travelers and intimate searchers are satisfied.

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4. Youthful vibes + own city guide

We are inclined to agree that if it is a youth hostel, it should be a cozy yet active place. However, don’t let ‚youth‘ be confused with age – anyone can be youthful!

Get an overview of all 7 different hostel types.

If the party animal in you enjoys a good pub crawl, then join Hostel Ole Alicante in their very own crawl offered twice weekly.

The nightlife of Alicante is there for the taking; alternatively, enjoy a quiet drink back at the hostel.

You may have also heard of the ever-popular Free Tours in Europe?

Well, Hostel Olé offers a short presentation of the city delivered by a prepared guide.


When (or if) you have had your fill of wonderful Alicante, you may join one of the organized trips to Tabarca island and the surrounding mountains.

Of course, if you fancy taking yourself away on a trip, the staff are there for travel information and tips.

If you happen to stay during one of the many festivals, you’re in luck!

Hostel Ole organizes thematic tours for each festival so you can really immerse yourself.

Test them on their knowledge about origin, history and traditions – they’ll be happy to enlighten you!

5. Passion, the engine of Hostel Olé

The hostel staff say themselves that is has been‚ created by passion, that is the engine of our work‘ – we love this!

The staff are very familiar with hospitality, with some of them working in this sector for 15 years. Others have grown up around hospitality, or have studied and practiced in different countries.


It’s all about making every type of person feel comfortable in any situation!

Between them all, they can speak an impressive total of 6 languages and most of them have qualifications in education and culture.

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You’re sure to expect good hospitality from staff that are rated 9.3 out of 10 on Booking platforms. After all this is a score you can trust, it is given from the guests themselves!