Curious to discover some hidden gems Dublin? Keep reading, buddy, you have come just to the right place to get some unique 5 hidden gems for Dublin! Dublin is a great city which has not only good vibes but also the most known black beer and lots of live music at pubs – every single day! Also, the nature around the Irish capital has so many different shades of greens.

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2 of these 5 hidden gems Dublin will send you out of the city. So you will get an idea of the green-green-green surrounding as well.

Well, let’s talk about these fun things to do in Dublin.

This is why you are still here, isn’t it? We are proud to share with you these 5 unique things to do in Dublin, plus an extra tip for those who dare to bath in the Irish Sea. We’ll lead to a great restaurant, a quirky café, an amazing fun pub which does also offers great pizza and more!

Oh, and bring your swimsuit…

Dublin city has turned into quite a touristic hotspot. There is a few things you should know about Dublin first. For instance, the Temple Bar is actually a district in the city center, not the “bar” itself. Yet, there is the bar (and it is cool). Just bear that in mind.

5+1 Hidden Gems Dublin (outside the Tourist Box)

You can download the guide – it is 100% free. We decided to make this guide for a download so the tips remain secret for as long as possible. All you need to do is to type in your name and email. We will then send the guide via email and you can use it offline.

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We will introduce you to the following secrets:

  1. A hipster brunch place to get a creamy coffee
  2. Our recommendations for a great restaurant with veggie options
  3. An amazing fun Pub inside a demolished-looking building offering good pizza – is there really a pub inside?
  4. A great Café in a quirky decoration and comfy sofas – get a rest!
  5. Beautiful views of the Dublin Bay – get out of the city!

Extra: Where to bath in the Irish Sea – our TOP recommendation to take a dip in the morning!

Get outside of Dublin

Have you heard of Howth?

Howth is a small piece of paradise located 30 minutes from Dublin.

There you will find some of the most stunning scenery in Ireland and many different activities. Whether you are interested in taking one of the cliff walks around Howth, or simply want to immerse yourself in the deep history of this fishing Village, Howth has it all. After completing your journey around Howth,  you can then choose from one of the huge variety restaurants, with the best locally caught Seafood, fresh off the fishing fleet – and enjoy a few pints.

Join the free walking tour around Howth. It is the best way to get the full experience and background stories.

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  2. Generator Hostel
  3. Sky Backpackers

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Who wrote these 5 hidden gems for Dublin?

A very close friend of us lives in the Irish capital since 2014. She knows Dublin inside out.

When we visited Dublin, we had the chance to explore the city and surroundings thanks to her secret recommendations, mostly only locals know. No boring museums or overrated tourist bars! We at Hostelgeeks are always keen to share with you exactly those hidden gems!

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