18 Fun things to Do in London – from Spies, Kayaking, and Hula Hula

Life it serious enough, right?! Let’s go to London and have some fun. We collected some ideas of entertaining fun things to do in London. Just browse through the list, and pick your favorite(s). We created this list when staying at the 5 Star Hostels Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage and Palmers Lodge Hillspring. The Hostelgeeks community as well participated to add cool fun things to do in London.

Also interesting, we did collect +24  fun things to do in Paris, and +18 fun things to do in Amsterdam, simply because we do love to have fun!

We got all those fantastic ideas for things to do while we asked our fellow-travelers. Before traveling to London, we simply asked via Instagram the local experts. So, here we are, sharing with you fun, entertainment, and ice cream…

1. Have an Ice Day

During winter season, there are different places in London to ice-skate. Head to the skate track and have an ice day! The most scenic place is Somerset house, but there are many other options.

Havana Nice Day in London

2.Watch Oxford against Cambridge boat race fight over a pint


Cambridge and Oxford boat race clubs are very competitive and train very hard during the year on the Thames in order to be able to win the annual race. You can see them practicing and even fighting over a pint to motivate themselves on the Thames River during your stay at London.

Open well your eyes while you are walking around so you don’t miss the opportunity to see them.

3. Become a local in London

We asked our fellow travelers what a local usually does in London. The result was an absolute fun weekend in London, and these 5+2 secret tips to London. You can download them for free.

Do you want to explore the city for free? Then check out this big list of free things to do in London.

Secret Tips London

4. Go to a detective agency

Ever wanted to go to a detective agency but you still have not a case? Now you have it! Head to Evans and Peel and ask for… a cocktail!

No stupid people, please?!

5. BBC Broadcasting House tours

Always interested how the TV world looks like? Then join a BBC Broadcasting House tour, you will be able to see how “the black box” do work. This is actually interesting for all people to understand what is happening behind the scenes at a TV station.

6. Attend a Cricket game

Ok, Cricket does not sound very fun, for lot of our friends it looks even boring, but it might be just because it is not very common? Give it a chance and attend a cricket game, you will be surprised how much fun you will have!

7. Attend a festival (so many to choose from!)

London has lot of festivals during the year, it is a magic city for it, so just check when your favorite festival would be and plan your trip around it!

You rule and you rock!

8. Bowl it!

In All Star Lanes you can bowl, and even eat! It is the perfect place to beat your friends and make the looser pay for the food, don’t you think?

9. Feel like a Bird!

Learn they flying trapeze at Gorilla Circus, they assure anyone can fly in their 2 hour course! Find more information at gorillacircus.com/flyingtrapezeschool

10. Unlock yourself

If you want to test that you are able to find out the way out on a looked room, then you should try one London escape rooms. We personally love those escape rooms. Here you can find our article about our favorite escape room in Prague.

Real Life Escape Room in Prague

11. Feel like Tarzan

Want to do head to an Adventure park and take a Tarzan Swing, high rope or an epic zip wire? You can do all this on Go Ape. It is easy to reach it with the tube, so adventure is just there waiting for you!

Entertainment in London

12. Play Table Tennis at the Book Club

Tennis Lover? Join games from 7pm on Tuesdays at The Book Club, in Shoreditch. This Club has become something of a hub for ping-pong players. They provide not just table tennis, but also equipment for patron’s use. They do have even a tournament called the King Pong Slam Jam! Ready to be the king?

13. Spray it!

Try a graffiti workshop in Shoreditch’s area and create your own spray paint.

Street art in London

14. Kayak down the Thames

The Thames is a must in the city, and doing it in a passenger boat sounds boring. Why do not explore it in an unusual way, as kayaking in London? You can paddle next to Big Ben, Palace of Westminister and all other London’s top landmarks.

Kayaking the Themse River in London

15. Become a spy in London!

If you always wanted to be like James Bond, a car burglar, a survivor or hero just try one of the urban games that “Fire Hazard” has to offer. Now that sounds pretty entertaining, doesn’t it? Find out more information at Fire-hazard.net

16. Hula Hula lessons!

Get back to your childhood and learn how to be a Hula Hula master with “The Indytute”, who offer brilliant lessons. More information at Indytute.com

17. Get drunk in a public toilet

Wait, wait…it’s not as it looks like!

Don’t get us wrong. It is just that London converted lot of public toilets into bars and pubs… Check all public toilets, no wait, bars with the cool guys from TimeOut London.

Time to drink champagne!

18. Sing your socks off!

In Prince Charles cinema you can sing during all film and don’t be weird, as they do offer sing-along screening for films such Grease, Dirty Dancing…

Why on earth are you still here? By now, you should have gotten plenty of ideas to have fun in London!


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