Move over Elton John! Japan just proved that life is a triangle. Anyone who has been to Japan knows how good the food is. No matter where you go. Whether it’s a Michelin restaurant, a hole in the wall place, or a convenience store, you can never go wrong with food when in the land of the rising sun.

My three weeks in Japan were packed with travelling from one city to another, which is why I was able to see 9 different places. You know those days when you just don’t have time to sit down and eat while travelling and you pack your bag with energy bars? Well my three weeks in Japan were all about that, and I found this great replacement to bars – these triangle shaped rice snacks stuffed with meat or fish and wrapped in seaweed.

These triangles (I still don’t know what they are called) became life savers; they were quick to grab, easy to eat, and filling thanks to the rice. I may have missed out on some great restaurant food, but at least these snacks kept me on my feet in what was one once-in-a-lifetime-dream destinations.