I dislike entering book shops. Every time I walk into a book shop, I will end up buying one.

I entered an international bookshop in Eixample, Barcelona, while looking for some cool things to do in Barcelona. And as expected, a book named „The dead alleys of Barcelona“ got my attention, a crime novel. Long story shot: I bought it, went home, and started reading.

In this book, the author Stefanie Kremser talks about a special part of El Born, downtown Barcelona. She describes this magical square, this narrow street the main character lived in.

I didn’t know this exact street, and I was curious. I went downtown, wandered around the square and saw this café with the few tables on the terrace. Until today, 7 years later, it is still my favorite café in Barcelona – thanks to this book!

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I found my favorite Café in Barcelona - thanks to a book!