Hi and welcome to the cool hostel in Belgrade: Fair and Square Hostel! There is certainly no shortage of youth hostels in Belgrade, Serbia. Mostly crammed into the busy city center within walking distance of pedestrian streets and bustling city squares, these hostels in Belgrade often leave something to be desired.

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Fair and Square Hostel, located in Belgrade’s Zvezdara neighborhood, is what you would call “off the beaten path.” But it is also more than just a place to sleep—Fair and Square Hostel is a meeting place for travelers; a place to converse over coffee or a meal; and most importantly, a creative, inspired space that actually makes you want to stick around.

For you as a traveler it is a key destination when backpacking East Europe. Belgrade is located between the cool cities of Zagreb with Swanky Mint Hostel, Budapest with Maverick City Lodge, and Ljubljana with Hostel Celica.

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Review of Fair and Square Hostel …

If you’re looking for a unique hostel experience away from the noise of the city center and staffed by Serbians who want nothing more than to show off the lesser-known parts of their beautiful city, consider a stay here.

We visited the accommodation, and here is our full review of fair and square hostel.

1. Sustainable and eco-friendly

Fair and Square’s owner, Branko, exudes a passion for sustainability.

He has gone to great lengths to use environmentally friendly practices in every element of operation and design.

You’ll find up-cycled materials in nearly every part of the building, every living space, and every piece of furniture with an industrial aesthetic that’s common throughout.

Solar panels harvest energy from the sun, greatly reducing the hostel’s overall carbon emissions; rainwater is collected and used to fill the toilets, and there are recycling facilities on-site to reduce the amount of waste produced.

As the hostel opened in spring 2015 the hostel is brand new.

Branko says there is still more work to be done, and he has many more ideas up his sleeve.

“I’m never satisfied. I always want to do more with my Hostel.”
– Branko, owner of Fair&Square Hostel

Finally, Fair and Square Hostel knows the importance of supporting local businesses and artisans; all materials are locally sourced, and the walls are adorned with colorful paintings by a local artist, whose work Branko hopes to eventually display in an on-site gallery.

2. Hip up-cycled design

From the moment you walk into Fair and Square Hostel, evidence of its well thought out design abounds.

Not only is the hostel sleek and modern, but everywhere you look, you will find up-cycled materials – things like wooden crates and scrap metal – in perfect complement to the hostel’s sustainable and Eco-friendly ethos.

In the kitchen and common areas, hand-made tables crafted from wood panels and repurposed metal are where you sit to share a meal with new friends.

Cement breeze blocks are used as support for shelving, and light bulbs in wire housings hang from the ceiling, completing the industrial aesthetic.

In the guest rooms the clean, modern design continues, with pops of bright color (like lemon yellow and lavender) juxtaposed against white walls, imparting you with a newfound energy.

3. Unique concept and location

When opening a hostel outside of Belgrade’s tourist-laden center, Branko had more in mind for his establishment than simply being a place to rest your bags and your tired legs.

His vision was to create a hostel where guests actually wanted to spend their time, a place with a welcoming feel and enticing design.

Though not located in the heart of Belgrade, the trade off is a quiet neighborhood still easily accessible by public transit and, most importantly, ample space to relax.

But Fair and Square Hostel’s most unique element has to be its wide open outdoor space and garden area.

Here, guests can enjoy the morning sunshine, get to know their fellow travelers, and relish the quietude found just a few short kilometers away from Belgrade’s bustling tourist center. This outdoor space was, in fact, a main deciding factor in the decision to create the hostel here—it is the only one in the city to boast such a space.

Furthermore, being outside of the city center gives travelers the unique opportunity to experience daily life in Belgrade, unhindered by throngs of other foreigners.

Within walking distance lies a delicious local bakery to sample Serbian pastries as well as coffee shops, grocery stores, and small markets selling fresh local produce.

Fair and Square is also ideally situated for those with an interest in museums, city walks, and sightseeing.

4. A dynamic social environment

The wide open social areas at Fair and Square Hostel have a way of bringing guests together.

Whether they’re cooking a nice meal, sipping wine before an evening out, or taking advantage of the large entertainment system and stockpile of video games, people are constantly intermingled.

And because of the hostel’s relative seclusion away from homes and businesses, quiet hours don’t descend at 10 pm sharp.

Fair and Square may not have a bar of its own, but guests are free to bring their own libations to kick off the evening and can enjoy music before heading out to one of Belgrade’s infamous barge clubs or beer gardens.

In the mornings, guests can enjoy a coffee at the on-site cafe to energize for a day of exploring.

If travelers ever need tips for things to do and see, they can simply wander on down and likely find fun daytime activities being planned.

Branko has a wealth of knowledge about what to do in the city and is always more than happy to suggest an itinerary for your stay.

5. Local staff willing to share their secrets

Nothing makes a travel experience more authentic than exploring the city with a local.

Fair and Square’s staff not only have the knowledge to help guests get off Belgrade’s well-worn path, but they’re often even willing to accompany you on your adventures or organize a group outing to one of their favorite local spots.

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You’ll certainly never lack for exciting things to do, and you’ll get to experience the city from a local’s point of view.