Don't make Elephants angry - my elephant experience in Botswana

Don’t make Elephants angry – my elephant experience in Botswana

When I visited Botswana in hope to get close and personal with Elephants, I certainly got my wish. I remember it clearly – we were sat in the open-top jeep, observing quietly as the herd of Elephants trundled across the road ahead.

All of a sudden a loud trumpeting sound came from behind us and we realized this angry, tusk-less mother was warning the others of our presence. In panicked haste, we sped off as she tried to catch us up until we were stopped dead in our tracks by the biggest bull Elephant I have ever seen. My friend, sat on the tracker seat at the front of the jeep, could do nothing but hold on and hope he did not decide to flip the vehicle in panic.

Luckily, our shouts and sudden arrival frightened the bull and sent him running in the other direction. Before I knew it we were off once more, stirring up dust as we made our escape and put distance between us and the noisy one who caused this unforeseen adventure. I certainly got what I hoped for – an experience I will never forget!