Lasst uns in den SleepClub eintreten, ein cooler Name und 5 Sterne Hostel in Krabi, Süd-Thailand. Es ist der perfekte Startort für dein Insel-Hopping über die thailändische Inseln mit ihrem atemberaubenden, kristallklaren Meer und Stränden. Von Krabi aus geht es zu den schönen Inseln und ein kurzer Aufenthalt in Krabi ist sehr zu empfehlen. Im SleepClub Hostel in Krabi bekommst du eine erste, gute Orientierung, welche Inseln am besten zu deinem Reise-Stil passen. Ein Besuch von Hostelgeeks.

The infobox on SleepClub Hostel

Schon die Fotos lassen einen ersten Geschmack erahnen und die Vorfreude auf Krabi und seine umliegenden Inseln steigern. Das Design im SleepClub Hostel ist im Industrie-Look gehalten. Es zieht sich von der Rezeption durch über die Lounge bis hin zu den Zimmer.

Night SleepClub Krabi

Wir sind Hostelgeeks, deine unabhängige Abkürzung zu den coolsten Hostels der Welt, die 5 Sterne Hostels.

Dein Thailand-Erlebnis startet sehr wahrscheinlich erst einmal in Bangkok, das Zuhause von Yim Huai Khwang, das beste Hostel in Bangkok. Auch im Norden von Thailand gibt es besondere Unterkünfte. Das Oxotel ist in Chiang Mai Zuhause und in der Stadt des Weißen Tempels liegt das Happynest Hostel in Chiang Rai.

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Wir sammeln immer weiter und weiter. Du wirst wie immer alle Hostels hier auf Hostelgeeks finden.

Details at the SleepClub Krabi Reception Thailand

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Bedroom details at SleepClub Krabi

Bed at SleepClub Krabi

Schauen wir uns das SleepClub Hostel einmal im Detail an. Die Schuhe lassen wir dazu am Eingang stehen, denn so ist es üblich in Thailand.

SleepClub Hostel in Krabi ist ein 5 Sterne Hostel, weil …

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1. It’s All New – to You

Upcycling is all over the place at this quirky hostel. The local management has made a huge effort to convert old discarded articles into some truly cool new creations.

The lockers are also handmade, and quite spacious.

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SleepClub Hostel in Krabi - Perfect Industrial Design spot for Island-Hopping

You’ll see an old box spring transformed into an industrial-cool ceiling decoration, and a refurbished pallet featuring re-used jars as lamps. The reception area uses former bike wheels as funky new lamps.

Look carefully around, and get inspired by SleepClub Hostel, some of the ideas can easily be applied at your place. Needing some more inspiration? Cool! We wrote a full article about design ideas you can (steal) borrow from hostels.

Good Night SleepClub Krabi

There are upcycled wooden boxes and pallets all over the hostel too. It’s all mixed together with some new products as well, giving it all a fun style that’s completely unique.

2. Industrial Meets Modern Design

The concept behind SleepClub Hostel design is all about re-using like we said, but in a totally stylish way. Things here have an industrial slant mixed together with a chic edge.

Bunk beds at SleepClub Krabi in Krabi, Thailand

The designs are based on being eco-friendly, which means you’ll find lots of LEDs and re-used objects all over the place. But it looks so cool and modern you might never know lots of this stuff was somebody else’s throwaway.

Time SleepClub Krabi

3. Laid-Back Authenticity

You’ll get a touch of the real Thai lifestyle right from when you walk in this hostel – you’ll be asked to take your shoes off and wear slippers inside. For some guests, it’s a bit unusual at first, but they soon come round to this very comfy custom.

Area to relax at SleepClub

You’ll also be served fruit straight from the garden for breakfast. SleepClub Hostel offers both mini and full breakfasts, plus free coffee and juice for budget travelers.

Breakfast at SleepClub Krabi

Fruit at SleepClub Hostel Krabi

After your breakfast, you can take tours of the islands with the hostel. Alternately, you’re at close walking distance from all the main attractions. Maybe you can join in with some other travelers to visit the local night market in the evening, too. We collected some posts about night markets in Krabi for you:

Whatever you choose, it’ll be full of great laid-back island vibes.

Magazines at SleepClub Krabi

4. Great Mix of People

People of all ages and from corners of the world come to stay at this hostel, including families, solo travelers, and big and small groups of friends. It’s easy to find people you gel with and to enjoy Krabi with.

The hostel manages to get people mingling with all sorts of fun activities. Thursdays are market days with a “Cultural Street”, where local products are sold, and the hostel staff takes the guests.

Green lovers SleepClub Krabi

There are also classes and courses (like cooking classes), small parties, and festival celebrations. You might find yourself ringing in the New Year with a group of new friends, or maybe making beautiful flower arrangements for the local River Festival. Check which events will be in Krabi during your stay here.

That reminds us to the 5 Star Hostel in Taipei (Taiwan), Beimen Wow Poshtel, where you can also participate in baking cookies for their mid-autumn festival.

5. The staff – the local experts

There’s a reason the SleepClub Hostel is called the unofficial tourism center of Krabi – and that’s because the staff loves helping visitors out! They’re all from the local area, and often use their local expertise to help out people who aren’t even staying at the hostel.

Love Messages at SleepClub krabi

Welcome to SleepClub Krabi

They’ll be sure to clue you in on all the stuff going on, from island tours to hostel events and local celebrations.

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