Sex in Hostels? 4 Do's and Dont's + real life storiesLasst uns über Sex in Hostels sprechen, ein beliebtes Thema unter Backpackern, Budget Traveler, Reisepärchen und so weiter. Als Teil von unserem Guide to Hostels haben wir uns einmal dem Thema Sex in Hostels gewidmet.

Wir leben im 21. Jahrhundert und mehr und mehr Menschen entscheiden sich, alleine auf Reisen zu gehen.

Dank Hostels ist es einfach auf Reisen Menschen kennenzulernen. Und nicht nur das, denn Hostels haben einen einzigartigen Raum geschaffen mit unendlich vielen Möglichkeiten zum socializen. Denn, beim Reisen geht es darum, neue Erfahrung zu sammeln.

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New surroundings, new 5 Star Hostels, or any other type of hostels, new friends – why not add hostel sex to the list of new endeavors?

When you mix ‘doing the nasty’ and a super cool hostel together, it’s bound to create a fun story.

But stop right there! It’s important to remember that your fun isn’t necessarily going to be everyone else. After all, sex is a part of the daily travel life.

Just have a look at this summary of 50 sex-statues around the world or these 14 temples in india with some unexpected monuments to show.

Let’s pack the condoms and have a look then at the 4 do’s and don’ts of indulging in hostel sex.

1. “Let’s do it in the dorm room, everyone else does!”


Put yourself in the shoes of a weary traveller trying to sleep. Suddenly you hear moans and bed-squeaking: the obvious clues that hostel sex has commenced. Either you interrupt and tell them it isn’t acceptable now, or wait ‘til the morning to turn their cheeks pink. The bottom line is that no one wants to hear it, and no matter how quiet you think you’re being; chances are everyone can hear you.

And what’s worse than making the beast-with-two-backs in a dorm? Doing it on the top bunk! Not only is the poor person below you anticipating a collapsed bed, but you risk your sheets falling over the side and disappearing.

Fun read: 40 signs you are a backpacker for too long, including #30 sex in dorms.

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Sex in Hostels - Private Rooms

2. “Come on let’s check out the views on the rooftop!”


Assuming you’re both traveling on a tight budget: the rooftop, shower, even the cleaning cupboard – if it is private (lockable) and after hours, then your naughty antics shouldn’t upset other hostel-goers. Those that have tried it suggest aiming for the early hours of the morning when you’re less likely to get caught.

One ‘don’t’ however; sofas and kitchen areas. Would you really want to reminisce about your rendezvous as you prepare breakfast on the same table the next morning…? Exactly, so spare others this too.

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Sex in Hostels? Get a room!

3. “The staff might catch us, should we be worried?”

DO (worry).

Staff are aware that hostel sex happens, and being (mostly) young and free themselves, they probably don’t care. But!

Respect should be shown to the awesome staff, wouldn’t you agree?

Forums suggest that staff would prefer you to book a private room, and they don’t care if that means asking them at 2am. It prevents angry dorm-buddies complaining (or making ghost-sounds), and subsequent embarrassment from both parties.

Perhaps you’ll even get a discount as after all, they’d rather sell the room cheaper than not at all. For those on a (really) tight budget, stick with the shower – staff can easily redirect shocked guests to other facilities, and don’t have to worry about extending their cleaning hours in the morning, if you catch our drift.

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pssst...this photo does not show any 5 Star Hostel.

pssst…this photo does not show any 5 Star Hostel.

4. “A condom? I don’t have one, but don’t let that stop us.”


Ok ok, traveling somewhere new should be filled with spontaneity and excitement, but there should also be limits to your care-free attitude. It is perfectly acceptable to keep some inhibitions whilst traveling, and safe sex – not just hostel sex – is important.

Don’t let the heat of the moment tell you otherwise!

The only fun things to take away from hostel sex are fun memories and a story to tell, perhaps even a t-shirt. Here you can find condoms to pack.

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Packing condoms when traveling

Sex-Stories from Hostels

There are endless stories, and without a doubt, you’ve heard your own stories already. On reddit there is a whole topic about it. Johnny Blair collected as well 10 tips on how to have sex while traveling.

Even funnier to read are all the sex hostel stories. It includes Ghosts, Vienna, and Couple sex in a female-only dorm.

Lucy from also summarized some horror sex stories while backpacking the world. Whatever you pick, those articles are interesting to read around this topic!

Hostel Sex Stories

Submit your own hostel-sex story (anonymously)

You can send us over your own fun, weird, [place adjective here] story. You can choose sending it anonymously or with your email, and website link. We leave this up to you.

Final Words on Sex in Hostels

To sum up then; hostel sex can be a good idea as long as the unspoken rules are followed. At the end of the day, as long as those involved consent, safe sex is initiated and no one else around has to suffer, there’s no problem. Right? Of course the type of hostel is important here.

When it comes to party hostels vs. boutique hostels, it becomes obvious which one will attract this kind of fun.

Summary of the 4 Do’s and don’ts:

  1. DON’T: dorm sex
  2. DO: rooftop, shower, even the cleaning cupboard
  3. DO: ask the staff for a private room
  4. DO: get condoms

Hostels are a great accommodation choice for many reasons. As always we are keen to hear your views on this subject, so leave your comments below.

Do you think hostel sex is a good idea? Or should it be held off for a more private setting? Perhaps you work at a hostel and would like to share stories/views from the other side of the reception desk. This is a chance to share your views and help keep hostels a sociable, happy and welcoming environment for all.

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