18 Fun things to Do in London - from Spies, Kayaking and Public Toilet BarsDas Leben ist ernst genug! Hier sind 18 Dinge um in London ordentlich Spaß zu haben. Von Kayaking, Tarzan, Spionen und ein Cricket Spiel!

Wir haben einfach andere Reisende gefragt. Was gibt es so an spaßige Unterhaltung in London? Wir haben angeklopft und unsere Follower auf Instagram gefragt. Also, hier sind sie, Live und in Farbe.

Hier findest du auch noch 18 Fun Things für Amsterdam und auch noch Tipps um in Paris Spaß zu haben.

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We collected a huge list of fun things to do in London. Life is serious enough, right?!

Just browse through the list, and pick your favourite(s).

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This list gives you access to fun things to do in London at night and during the day.

It is for couples, solo-travelers as well as friends looking for a good time.

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So, are you ready?

Here we are, let’s start with some action…

Last update: 23.09.2017

1. Take an open air dip

There are three lovely fresh water ponds in Hampstead Heath, one for men only, one for women only, and one is mixed.

We visited the mixed one and it was perfect for a swim on a hot day.

2. Gorgeous views from a car park

This one is considered one of the best roof top bars in all London.

Enjoy the views from a car park at Frank’s rooftop bar and restaurant in Peckham.

It’s located on the 10th floor of a multi-story car park!

3. Indoor climbing

Go climbing at the huge Castle Climbing Centre.

It caters for a range of abilities across several levels.

Choose between bouldering, top-rope climbing, lead climbing and abseiling!

Here you can read more reviews on Castle Climbing Centre.

4. Take a break in style

The best place for afternoon tea in London is Sketch.

The incredible interior design changes regularly and be sure to check out the toilets!

5. Visit Venice

Well, not exactly.We are not talking about the beautiful Venice in Italy. On that note, here is our guide to things to do in Venice.

The canals in West London are known as Little Venice and are lined with flower-covered barges.

Perfect for strolling (and for Instagram!)

Just have a look:

6. Have a feast (street food time!)

Street Feast is held at three different locations across London so there is no excuse for missing it!

Choose between:

  • Giant Robot in Canary Warf, open daily from 11am until late
  • Dinarama, open from noon ‚til late from Thursday to Sunday
  • Hawker House open from 5pm on Fridays and Saturdays for food, booze and grooves.

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7. Take a stroll

Down Maltby Street, home to a lovely market at weekends.

Browse vintage clothes, antique furniture and of course, grab some street food!

8. Flowers and gifts

at the capital’s prettiest flower market on Columbia Road.

The market and independent shops are open every Sunday, all year round!

9. Have a hoot in an underground bar

Have a hoot at 1940’s underground bar Cahoots in Soho.

Dress in your sparkliest 1940’s gear and enjoy live music and delicious cocktails late into the night!

The post-war decor of old fashioned wooden escalators, vintage train carriages, 1940’s tube carriage seats and mismatched furniture, make the perfect backdrop for a trip down memory lane.

FYI: This one is a super cool things to do, don’t miss this!

10. Become a craft beer connoisseur

Yes, seriously. Become a craft beer connoisseur by visiting the many micro breweries across Bermondsey.

Take a tour or sip your way along the beer mile at your own pace.

11. Unlock yourself

If you want to test whether you are able to find your way out of a locked room, you should try one of these escape rooms.

We personally love escape rooms.

Here you can find our article about our favourite escape room in Prague.

Real Life Escape Room in Prague

12. Become a (real) local in London

We asked our fellow travelers what a local usually does in its town.

The result was an absolute amazing weekend and these 5+2 secret tips to London.

You can download them for free.

Not sure if you can trust us?

Well, then have a look at the hidden gems in London to get a preview.

Once thing is certain: You will love the recommendations here.

We only share those with our friends!

Secret Tips London

13. Kayak down the Thames

The Thames is a must in the city, and doing it in a passenger boat sounds boring.

Why do not explore it in an unusual way, like kayaking in London?

You can paddle next to Big Ben, Palace of Westminister and all the other top landmarks.

Kayaking the Themse River in London

14. Become a spy in London!

If you always wanted to be like James Bond, a car burglar, a survivor or hero, just try one of the urban games that “Fire Hazard” has to offer.

Now that sounds pretty entertaining, doesn’t it?

Find out more information at Fire-hazard.net

15. The London Eye (touristy and worth it!)

THE landmark – besides Big Ben.

Okay, okay: This one is touristy, but still unique!

Take a ride on the London Eye and experience the city from above.

We did it in 2016 and had a blast. This is also a unusual thing to do here.

There are two ways to get in. You can get the regular queue ticket or buy the fast-line-ticket.

The queue can be up to 2 hours long…skip the line with the fast-line ticket!

We didn’t want to wait that long, so we invested another ±9 pounds and got in instantly. Therefore we totally recommend doing it!

How to get a ticket?

Book in advance.

You need to pick up your voucher at the entrance next to London Eye.

With the skip-the-line-ticket you can even skip the ticket-line itself.

Pretty cool, right?!

London Eye with views

16. Harry Potter Walking Tour

Yes, we all know the famous platform 9 3/4 is located in Kings Cross Station.

BUT… with the Harry Potter Walking Tour, you will get to discover the real Diagon Alley, as well as many other places (and facts) related to Harry Potter.

Follow in the footsteps of Harry, Hermione and Ron and get to know the muggle world of London from a wizard perspective.

The tour is quite geeky and highly recommended for families, couples and harry-fans; obviously!

Get your tickets for Harry Potter Tour here.

Harry Potter Tour

17. Hula Schoola lessons!

Go back to your childhood and learn how to be a Hula Hula master with “The Indytute”.

They offer brilliant lessons.

It is fun for every age and especially for couples.


More information at Indytute.com

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18. Things to do in London for free?

The British capital can be quite expensive.

So how about some free things to do?

The world famous museums here are actually FREE!!

Yes, seriously.

And there are plenty of different museums to visit.

The British Museum is obviously a Must.

Here is a list of free museums in London:

  1. Natural History Museum
  2. National Gallery
  3. British Museum
  4. British Library
  5. Imperial War Museum
  6. Science Museum

and many more…

Find all of the museums in London here.

More free stuff? Check out this big list of free things to do in London.

Things to do in London for free

19. Go to a detective agency

Ever wanted to go to a detective agency but you don’t have a case?

That’s quite a common dream, so don’t you worry if you think you are alone.

And now you can finally have your case!

Head to Evans and Peel and ask for… a cocktail!

This bar is designed like a detective agency, super quirky and interesting to visit!

No stupid people, please?!

20. Get drunk in a public toilet

Wait, wait…it’s not what it looks like!

Don’t get us wrong.

It is just that lots of public toilets in London have been converted into bars and pubs…

Yes, no kidding. Read that again:


Check all public toilets … no wait … bars with the cool guys from TimeOut London.

Time to drink champagne!

21. Sing your socks off – interactive cinema.

Sounds odd, right?!

The Prince Charles Cinema shows classic movies with subtitles… and well, everybody sings or shouts along!

In the Prince Charles cinema you can sing, shout, scream, and interact during the whole film.

Don’t worry, you will not be the only one!

They offer sing-along screening for movies such Grease, Dirty Dancing…

Pretty epic, am I right?!

Have a look at this video. 230 people scream: F***!

22. BBC Broadcasting House tours

Always interested in what the TV world looks like?

Then have a look at how the professionals do it.

Join a BBC Broadcasting House tour.

You will be able to see how “the black box” works and other behind the scenes secrets of the Broadcasting world.

This is VERY interesting for all people who’d like to understand what happens behind the scenes of a TV station.

23. Sea Life Aquarium

This is almost a must-do, and really popular!

SEA LIFE London Aquarium is home to a HUGE collection of global marine life.

It is popular for families.

However, we think it is also very interesting for everyone else curious about underwater life.

Have a look at the SEA LIFE Aquarium on Facebook. Even the photos are impressive!

24. Attend a festival (so many to choose from!)

London has lot of festivals during the year, it is a magic city for it, so just check when your favorite festival is on and plan your trip around it!

There are many free music festivals as well as open-air festivals.

Here is a list of some great festivals in London:

  • Citadel Festival
  • Field Day
  • Hampton Court Palace Festival
  • Walthamstow Garden Party
  • Kew the Music

Obviously, there are many more.

Also, make sure you check out these European Festivals during Winter.

You rule and you rock!

25. Bowl it!

In All Star Lanes you can bowl, and even eat!

It is the perfect place to beat your friends and make the looser pay for the food, don’t you think?

If you are looking for some cool places to eat in London, check out our Geeky Guide London.

26. Feel like a Bird!

Learn how to use the flying trapeze at Gorilla Circus, they assure anyone can fly in their 2 hour course!

Find more information at gorillacircus.com/flyingtrapezeschool

27. Feel like Tarzan

Want to do head to an Adventure park and take a Tarzan Swing, high rope or an epic zip wire?

You can do all this at Go Ape.

It is easy to reach by tube, so adventure is just there waiting for you!

Entertainment in London

18. Play Table Tennis at the Book Club

Tennis Lover?

Join games from 7pm on Tuesdays at The Book Club, in Shoreditch.

This Club has become something of a hub for ping-pong players.

They provide not just table tennis, but also equipment for patron’s use.

They have even a tournament called the King Pong Slam Jam!

Ready to be the king?

29. Spray it!

London and graffiti go hand in hand.

We all know that.

Besides walking around and discovering the latest Banksy graffiti, you can actually learn to become a graffiti-artist yourself.

Try a graffiti workshop in Shoreditch’s area and create your own spray paint.

If you try it, we’d love to see the final result.

Drop us an instagram: @hostelgeeks :)

Street art in London

30. Oxford vs Cambridge – boat race fight over a pint


Well…okay, let us explain: Cambridge and Oxford boat race clubs are very competitive and train very hard during the year on the Thames in order to be able to win the annual race.

You can see them practicing and even fighting over a pint to motivate themselves on the Thames River during your stay.

Keep your eyes open while you are walking around so you don’t miss the opportunity to see them.

Of course you may see them when you join the Thames Kayaking.

21. Have an Ice Day

During winter season, there are different places in London to ice-skate.

Head to the ice rink and have an ice day!

The most scenic place is Somerset house, but there are many other options.

Havana Nice Day in London

Extra: 32. Attend a Cricket game

Ok, Cricket does not sound very fun, for lot of our friends it looks even boring…but it might be just because it is not very common?

Give it a chance and attend a cricket game, you will be surprised how much fun you will have!

Summary of Fun Things to do in London

Why on earth are you still here?

By now, you should have got plenty of ideas.

If you want even more input, then find all tours and activities in London.

More genuine info:


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18 Fun things to Do in London - from Spies, Kayaking and Public Toilet Bars