Bali, ein Paradies und Traumreiseziel für Weltenbummerl, Strand-Liebhaber und digitale Nomaden. Das Bread and Jam Hostel Bali liegt in Kuta, Bali, ein schickes, gemütliches Hostel im Boutique-Stil. Wir ziehen unsere Schuhe aus und gehen herein in das für Indonesien typische Haus mit 2 Stockwerken. Bread and Jam Hostel ist Bali's 5 Sterne Hostel. Ein Besuch von Hostelgeeks über Lifestyle, Surfing und Familien-Ambiente.

The infobox on Bread & Jam Hostel

Bread and Jam Hostel Bali öffnete seine Türen im Oktober 2015. Seit der Eröffnung waren sich die Besitzer und das Team bewusst: Sie müssen sich stetig weiter verbessern und ihren Gästen zuhören. Nur 1 Jahr nach der Eröffnung sind sie dort angekommen, wo sie hingehören. Bread&Jam Hostel ist das einzige 5 Sterne Hostel in Kuta.

Common area at Bread and Jam Hostel Bali

Wir sind Hostelgeeks, deine unabhängige Hostel Brand, auf der stetigen Suche nach den besten Hostels der Welt, die 5 Sterne Hostels.

Das Bread&Jam erinnert uns ein wenig an Wallyard Concept Hostel, Berlin’s 5 Sterne Hostel.

Sie haben ebenfalls natürliche Elemente in das Hostel eingebunden und zudem das schwarz-weiß gehaltene Corporate Design.

In Gili Trawangan ist das erste 5 Sterne Hostel Indonesiens Zuhause.

The Gili Castle überzeugte uns dank ihrem Swimming Pool, dem 6-Meter Sprungturm, Banksy-Graffiti und seinem hippen Ambiente.

The hostel building and entrance

Bread and Jam Hostel Bali is a 5 Star Hostel because…

Wir wollen einmal durch das Bread&Jam spazieren und einen genauen Blick auf das Hostel werden.

Dazu lassen wir unsere Schuhe am Eingang, wie es in Indonesien typisch ist.

Drinnen erwartet uns trendiger Industrie-Beton, eine große Küche, Surfbretter, Design Magazine und viel Wärme und Persönlichkeit.

Also, wollen wir gemeinsam reingehen?

Dieser Artikel ist nur auf englisch verfügbar.

1. Green Design and Natural Light

The Bread&Jam Hostel is a family run business, which we at Hostelgeeks support.

The story of how this hostel-project came about is quite an unusual one. One of the owners travels quite a lot outside of Indonesia, and when he does, he usually stays at hostels. Why? Because of the atmosphere and quality-time he is able to spend with other guests. He is an architect, and had the idea of creating his own hostel.

Design Bali Hostel Bread and Jam

Once the building was secured, the planning began for an energy-efficient, homey feel interior design, that encouraged social vibes. All rooms, private and shared, have ensuite facilities with natural light. The ceiling was replaced with perspex so the sun can flood the rooms with light.

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In addition, “green design“ was implemented. You can find many different plants around the hostel. On the stairs and tables, in the kitchen, in the small backyard as well as the front yard.

“We tried to make it as green as possible“

The Oxotel, awarded 5 Star Hostel in Chiang Mai Thailand, goes a step further. The hostel is designed by a landscape architect. The open breakfast area is surrounded by trees and plants, and even inside the hostel, trees feature in the impressive design.

If you want to explore Kuta the green way, Bread&Jam Hostel also has 3 bicycles to rent directly at the hostel. The staff will also help you to rent a car or motorbike for a fair price. Marina says

“We want to help our guests like we would our friends: to avoid scams, and find best prices. Therefore, we share our insider knowledge with them“

We love the attitude and this special vibe this accommodations comes with. Thanks, Bread&Jam, for being unique!

Bread and Jam Hostel Bali boutique Hostel

2. Boutique Design with concrete and orange spots

Being a boutique-style hostel accommodation means providing a cosy, intimate stay with a certain level of design. Every item, big or small, and all of the facilities you find around Bread and Jam Hostel Bali has been designed by the owners and team. When change is required, the team goes ahead and does it right away.

This has led to many improvements such as taking an extra bed out of the female dorm. Experience showed that more space was required! It is always a pleasure to see a hostel constantly improving.

Here you can find an overview of the 7 pros and 4 cons of female-only dorms.

Get cozy at Bread and Jam Hostel Bali

The common area on the ground floor is the place to be. It is our favorite area with its polished concrete, very typical for Indonesian homes, the big sofas and seating areas, and the green plants all over the place. Leave your shoes outside, and wander around the hostel, feeling at home.

Indonesia details Bread and Jam Hostel Bali

What about the sleeping area? The dorms and private rooms are separated and you can find them upstairs. There are two different types of beds in the dorms you can choose from. Let us have a look.

1. Bunk Beds

The solid turquoise and white colored bunk beds are made out of iron, and are fixed on the walls. This means: They won’t move around! Every single bed is equipped with a comfy mattress, a power socket, a light, and a curtain. These little details add a bit of privacy to the hostel dorms.

You can find the bunk beds when choosing the 10-beds dorm. Another lovely touch we like: your bed will be made before arrival, and towels are included. These are those kind of things that make a hostel amazing, doesn’t it? We collected 46 small touches that make a hostel go from good to great.

Bali Hostel Bed at Bread and Jam

2. Capsule beds

The capsule bed, also known as pod-style beds, are the same colors as the bunk beds. They provide even more privacy. You are staying inside a pod, or box, and, like in the bunk beds, you have your own light and curtain for even more privacy. Only the 7-beds dorm features these pod-styled beds.

For female travelers, there is also a female-only dorm, that provides more space than the regular dorms.

“We have found that our female guests usually travel with more luggage.

Therefore, we took out a bunk bed and created more space for their baggage“, says Marina from Bread&Jam Hostel.

There are more cool pod-styled dorms at 5 Star Hostels such as:

Pod at Bread&Jam Hostel Bali

Pod Styled dorm at Bread and Jam Hostel

All dorms come with individual lockers for every guest, and ensuite facilities with stylish black-and-white tiles. Next to the common area, the lounge, you will find two more restrooms and 1 more shower.

Guests who have already checked out can use these facilities to have a shower after the beach for instance, before catching a bus or plane later that day. We like it when a hostel shows a caring character!

3. Unique: Destination + Boutique!

As mentioned above, one of the owners of the hostel is an architect, who specializes in designing villas and hotels around Bali. The influence is clearly visible.

Leave your surf board at Bread and Jam Hostel Bali

This is what makes this Bali Hostel stand out. The design makes guests feel at home.

We especially enjoy Bread&Jam Hostel, as we can feel the destination, and the Kuta-Bali style all over the place. We admire it, when a hostel has an excellent design and yet manages to keep the essence of their destination.

Get comfy at Bread and Jam Hostel Bali

Leave your shoes on the door step, and don’t worry about an early check-out time as you have until 12pm. Wonderful, right? Another lovely detail is the wooden key rings made out of recycled packaging.

We admire it, when a hostel has an excellent design and yet manages to keep the essence of their destination.


Overall, it is the combination of the design concept, homey feeling, and details which makes Bread&Jam a unique hostel!

4. No organized events and yet: social

It might be surprising to hear: Bread and Jam Hostel Bali does not run any social activities or events. The atmosphere is cosy, and thanks to the character of the hostel it is easy for the guests to get together. So far no events have been required to get people chatting and making plans together.

Making friends at Bread&Jam Hostel Bali

We think one of the main reasons for the genuine feel-good vibe is the staff. The team behind the hostel loves to chat with guests, share tips, ideas and help you out – like a friend.

In such an environment, guests easily pick up the attitude, and the social life happens. The vibes reminded us of Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof in Interlaken. Keep it up, guys, you are doing a fab job!

5. Staying with friends and avoiding scams

Talking about the staff, it is top-rated!

Great Staff at Bread and Jam Hostel Bali

Hostel Rules and Family Rules

In total, there are 4 people working at Bread&Jam Hostel, and every single one is there for the guests and travelers. Once we had a closer look at the 5 Star Hostel, we noticed there is no 24 hours reception. However, actually, there is always someone around. Either way, please make sure you let the staff know if you are going to arrive later than 10pm.

Simply put, our concept is “being at home“. – Marina

The team of Bread and Jam Hostel Bali treats their guests like they want to be treated when traveling. This is in fact their motto. They are keen to share their best recommendations around Kuta and Bali with you. A cosy, friendly stay, only with good, honest recommendations.

They will advise you about the most-common scams around and how to avoid them. Also, and this is for all budget travelers, they will help you to get activities and rentals for the local price. Bread&Jam Hostel help save you valuable money for your travels.

Welcome to Bread and Jam best Hostel in Bali

Breakfast at Bread and Jam Hostel Bali

Last but not least, you may have wondered what the breakfast at a Hostel called Bread and Jam could be… It is a no-brainer. The main breakfast is bread… and jam, with coffee, and local, seasonal fruits.

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