According to major hostel booking websites, Copenhagen Downtown has been rated the best hostel in the city when it comes to value, location, atmosphere, facilities and overall experience.

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All you can eat breakfast at Copenhagen Downtown Hostel

Copenhagen Downtown Hostel in review

We had a close look at this fun and vibrant hostel in the center of Copenhagen, and we understand why travelers and locals like it here. Let’s see why Copenhagen Downtown Hostel has gotten that awesome reputation.

1. Fantastic Sustainable Practices

When the hostel got renovated, they worked on not only the look, but also on being environmentally friendly.

Most of the furniture in the hostel is made from reclaimed wood and furniture from around the city.

The showers are on a timer, and the windows are specially designed so that they retain heat.

The hostel is filled with recycling points to encourage guests to join in the Eco-friendliness too.

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The sustainability practices go down to the food as well – they have a free dinner every night and a breakfast buffet, both of which have locally-sourced food cooked up by a local chef.

The hostel is Danish owned and they make a big effort to employ locals when they can.

The accommodation is regularly renovated to make sure that they’re up to the latest sustainability and energy efficiency standards (and so that their guests are comfortable too).

Fantastic Sustainable Practices at Copenhagen Downtown Hostel

2. Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian design is famous all around the world for its sleekly cool lines.

So we wouldn’t expect any less than some seriously chic design at a Danish hostel.

Downtown Hostel worked with the SpacelLab architects and the Art Rebel design agency to achieve a retro-Scandinavian feel.

Look out for their signature touches – a hat and a mustache.

Our personal favorite?

The top hat lamps hanging above the pool table.

And even better, they’ve incorporated a ton of sustainable practices here too.

They’ve turned reclaimed palettes into loungers to chill out on, and the beds are made out of reclaimed wood.

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Cozy Hostel Rooms at Copenhagen Downtown Hostel

3. Cool & Cozy Combined

It’s hard to find a hostel that manages to be both a party hostel and a laid-back place to chill, but Copenhagen Downtown Hostel has managed to do it.

It’s really easy to meet people here, whether you’re chatting with your fellow hostel-goers or making friends with the staff.

There are lots of carefully designed communal areas that encourage people to be friendly and social.

They have big parties, but there are quiet areas too if you’re hoping to kick back instead of party.

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You might even meet some friendly locals – they often make an appearance at the hostel to have a coffee.

Basically, if you’re looking to connect with other travelers and some locals too, then this is the place to be.

Friendly and Fun Vibes at Copenhagen Downtown Hostel

4. Friendly and Fun Vibes

Consistently voted as one of the best hostels in Denmark on major booking sites (and often taking home the #1 title), the atmosphere is a big part of its draw.

There’s always something going on, like their twice-weekly live music nights, Saturday night costume parties, and nightly free communal dinners.

Here is a list of 46 things that tell you if it’s an awesome hostel.

Oh, and we haven’t mentioned the pool tables, the foosball, the chill out areas, the bar, the book exchange, or the communal eating space – need we say more?

Actually, the bar is so cool that both guests and locals enjoy having a cold one here.

There’s a little bit of everything, so it’s easy to get the experience that you’re looking for.

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5. Active Staff

There’s a big focus on teamwork here, and every person matters.

Their blog got interviews with staff members suggesting their favorite things to do in Copenhagen.

You might also find staff in a bar after their shift is done, and don’t be shy – say hello and join in the fun!

Their website says “We are here to welcome you to the city we love“, and the staff is happy to share their love for Copenhagen with you.

And by the way, you can find our guide 39 fun things to do in Copenhagen.

The accommodation takes great care to make sure their staff knows what they’re doing – they’re all trained up every year at different European locations.

They also make sure to reward their staff for doing a good job with treats and incentives.


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