Coffee Experience With A Cute Sense Of Humor

Coffee Experience With A Cute Sense Of Humor

My days must be started with a cup of coffee. Otherwise, it might be a total mistake and I would feel very depresso for the whole day. As a coffee addict, wherever I go and travel I would love to taste local coffee and it has become one of my obsessions, to taste different coffee from around the world, enjoying the aroma, acidity, flavor and the packaging. Yes, I mean I love the way they serve the coffee. Some places have a uniqueness and brilliant way on their coffee culture.

One day in Krabi, Thailand,- while waiting for the rain stopped, I sat at the café facing to the sea and ordered a cup of coffee milk. Some minutes later, what they served on my table, really.. really crack me up.  Coffee with milk means coffee plus milk, even funnier, attendant milk in a baby bottle. Well, okay, I’ll take this as a humor as long as it doesn’t serve with human milk.. ha ha, Oh please NO !!!

Welcome to the Land of Smiles 🙂

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